Kade's P.O.V. 30

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"Are you okay?" Ace asks me the next morning. I turn to face him only to find him already looking at me.

"I'm okay, you?" I ask as I snuggle into his side. I breathe in Ace's scent and close my eyes. I'm content, this feels like home, this is home, Kade. Why am I questioning it?

"I'll always be happy as long as you are by my side" he says and kisses the top of my head.

"What time is it?" I ask since it's really dark outside.


"I seriously don't want to go to work" I groan and hide my face deeper into Ace's head. He laughs and runs his hand through my hair.

"You don't have to. Call out sick. I can guarantee the boss will spare you the day off."

"You think so?" I ask and look up at him trying to hold in a smile.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Okay, good."

"I can't stay here though. I have to go get ready for work, I have a meeting at 8." Ace untangles himself from me and walks in his boxers into the bathroom leaving me alone in the bed. I snuggle into Ace's side of the bed and smell in his scent which helps me drift off in seconds.

"Hey, I'm leaving. Call me if you need anything. Do you want to have lunch later today?" Ace asks me waking me up. I yawn and rub my eyes as I nod.

"Yeah, yeah. Whatever you want."

"Babe, did you hear and understand anything I just said?" I open my eyes better and shake my head no. He repeats himself and waits for my answer.

"Yeah, let's go out for lunch. If you want to tell Mason we can all go to the restaurant you guys like to eat from."

"Okay, bye, love you" He says bending down and kissing my lips.

"Love you too. Good luck in the meeting today and tell Mason I said good luck in the one he has at 9"

"I will, baby" I don't wait to hear the front door close when I am closing my eyes again. The next time I wake up again it is close to 11:30. I get off my bed and make it after. I put music to play to get motivated and get my day started as well. I then walk into my closet and take out a pair of dark jeans and plain dress shirt and throw it on the bed before going to the bathroom and doing my business. Coming out refreshed I put on my boxer and since I like the feeling of them I start dancing around in them. I dance around in the boxers until I trip over my sneakers and fall on my ass. I hear laughter from behind and when I look up I see Adri standing by the door laughing.

"What are you doing here?" I ask

"Mason told me you guys are having lunch?"

"Yeah, I'm getting ready to head over there." I say standing up and getting dressed.

"How did you get in here?" I ask walking to the bureau to put on deodorant.

"Keys. I knew you were alone, so I came to see if you were ready or sleeping."

"Okay. I'm ready." I run my hair through my hair and then put on some cologne.

"I need a haircut."

"A little trim, yeah. You can even get one today after lunch. We still are going to get Mason's present, right?"

"Yeah" I walk out of my room Adri falling behind. Getting into Adri car we head to the restaurant.

"What happened yesterday, Kade?"


"You know"

"I, I feel like it's my fault that Ace and his mom's relationship worsen because of me and that's something I don't to affect our relationship in the future. I like where we are, what we are for it to be ruined."

"What did Mason say?"

"Mason said 'Ace's mom is a bitch and she doesn't deserve a son like Ace and if Ace doesn't want anyone that he loves in her life is because of her and not because of you, Kade. She has made her choice and choices have consequences'. I have questioned whether being with him has been the right decision and if the consequences in the future will be okay and honestly when I woke up this morning next to him, I think, no, I know I can take the whole world with Ace by my side." I say knowing the truth now.

"I'm glad you know that now. You don't have to question that, Kade. You guys are great for each other and Ace's mother choices are her choices, they are not your responsibility."

"I know that now that it's been clear. So, thank you." When we get to the restaurant we ask for Ace's and Mason's table. I order a drink for me while Adri orders a Sprite.

"Do you know what you are ordering?" I ask Adri.

"Yeah, I'm starting with dessert." she says calling over our waitress. She orders a chocolate chip cookie with ice cream and shares it with me. We finish it by the time the guys get there.

"You guys already ate?"


"We were eating dessert first" I say. Ace kisses my cheek at the same time Mason kisses Adri's cheek.

"Good afternoon, do you know what you would like to order?" Our waitress asks as soon as she sees Mason and Ace sit down. We order our food and then we continue to talk.

"How were the meetings?"

"As per usual; boring." I laugh at Ace's face.

"What are you laughing at?"


"I'm going to make you sit through them all week and next week."

"Hell no. I have my own work. How was yours, Mason?"

"Okay, two of the businessman came out arguing themselves over petty shit that had nothing to do with business. That was the highlight of the meeting"

"Anything new?"

"Not really." I say.

"Have you guys used all the sex toys I gave you?"

"Half of them, yes. I like to play a lot with Kade's body. Love hearing him moan and groan. He gets really sensitive when he's at his highest point." I kick the asshoe.

"Did you kick me?" Ace asks groaning in pain.

"No" Maze and Adri hold in a laughter and look at each other.

"As long as you're using protection and lube to not hurt our delicate Petal over here, I'm okay with it. Any new sex position?" I kick Maze.


"Don't motivate him."

"Indeed yes, the bodyguard, standing mastery, the...." I kick Ace again harder.

"Kade what the actual fuck"

"Stop, that's between us." I say feeling heat rise us my neck up to my cheek. I cover my face with my hand and then I feel a hand. I look up and find Adri looking at me.

"Don't let them get to you."

"It's embarrassing, especially in public." I say not meeting Maze or Ace's eyes. Right then our food arrives declining us from starting any conversation to which I was thankful for. We eat quietly, only Mason, Adri, and Ace making small talk. I feel a hand on my thigh and then a squeeze. Knowing it's Ace's hand I don't look to the side. I know it's his way of sorry, so I take his hand and give it a small squeeze and go back to finish my food.

Kade's kicking is back. What did you guys think of the new chapter?

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