Tickle, Tickle!| Lams

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Requested: 'oh, are you ticklish?'


John and I were laying on the floor while Hercules and Lafayette made dinner. John had his head on my chest along with an arm lazily falling over my chest. I turned John over on his back and kissed him. He kissed back, lacing his little fingers in my hair. After our kiss, I ran a finger down John's chest and stomach, making him erupt with giggles.

I cocked an eyebrow as the little boy giggled helplessly. "Oh, are you ticklish?" I asked, smirking and tapping my fingers down his sides. "N-no! Aw, Nonononono, A-Alexxxx!" John whined, giggling and gasping for air. He blew up in giggles as I reached a certain spot right above his hips. "Aww~" I cooed, watching John as he failed to control himself. He flailed his arms around, as if that would help him.

John reached up and tried to tickle me, but I'm not ticklish, so, after, he fell back laughing. "Alexander, stop hand-raping John!" Lafayette scolded from the kitchen. "No, Mom, Ima hand-rape my boyfriend if I want!" I pouted, continuing to tickle John. "If I find that John's clothes are off, I'm throwing up outside and you can sleep on a park bench!" Hercules warned me. "Turtle boy is fully clothed, he just is getting, in Lafayette's words, 'hand-raped'." I called from the living room.

I finally let John go, watching the little man gasp for air. "You look pretty like that, princess~" I joked. John shot me a glare. "I hate you!" He whined. I smiled and kissed his cheek. "I love you~" I purred, pulling him into my lap. "You're mean... but I love you... so... you get a pass to 'hand-rape' me..." John muttered, laying his head on my shoulder. I smiled and kissed his head. "Okay... just me..." I hummed laying back down with John.

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