Charlotte POV

As if from a fairy-tale, I heard birds chirping while the sun shone upon my body. It was 7:55 in the morning. Magda walked in with a tray, which contained a bowl of Fruit Loops with milk and a small glass of chocolate milk. "If you want something else, I can go and notify the cook." Magda replied. I looked up and replied, "Oh no, this is perfect. Normally, I eat this in the morning anyway." Magda smiled and walked away. After finishing my breakfast, I wanted to sleep again, but I had a sudden urge to peer out of the window. There were several men with guns on their hips, welcoming guests. Holy shit. How many people did Aiden invite? Suddenly, the doors swung open to reveal 3 maids carrying a humongous and gorgeous white wedding dress. The design looked like a Maggie Sottero dress. It was beautiful ball gown which had a lace appliqué bodice, illusion long sleeves, illusion V-neckline, and a voluminous tulle skirt. Wow I thought. I was very surprised. Wait, what the hell am I doing? I need to leave! My brain was screaming. Before I could even react, I was in the dress and my makeup was done. Hair was next. My stylist was well known and already had a perfect look. He gave me an updo with long layers of curls and a rose broach in my hair. "Oh miss! You're so beautiful!" Magda smiled. The girls were muttering and smiling as well. One little girl that was there gave me my bouquet of flowers. I was out of my room and on the staircase heading downstairs. My legs trembled and my hands were becoming sweaty. Tears almost threatening to fall down my face. Then I saw him. He was standing at the bottom of the staircase, like Clark Gable in "Gone with the Wind". His smile was radiating and his eyes were as bright as they can be. I finally made it to the bottom. "My goodness, you are so damn beautiful." He whispered to me. His hand grabbed my arm gently and placed it around his strong and muscular arm. We then walked together outside of the courtyard, where a priest was waiting for us at the end. My life was over. He was going to kill me on our honeymoon. 

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