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[From Devil's a Part Timer]
"She's staring at you again...".


"She's not even paying attention to the costumers".

"Don't worry, today's a slow day".

Y/N turned around, only for Chiho to quickly turn away and act normal. He appeared next to her, and looked out into the tables.

"Slow day huh?".

"Ye.. Yeah".

"We caught you staring again, just to let you know".


"Its okay, you just kept giving me that look ever since took part-time here".

"It's nothing...".

Chiho turned red, and tried to hide her face with a red tray. The place was closing within minutes. Y/N packed up, and walked towards his car. As he neared his car, Chiho appeared.

"Hey, need something?".

"Yeah, well...".

"My friend is having a party, and I was wondering if you can go with me, I don't want to go alone".

"When is it, where is it?".

"It's at her place, I'll show you, and it starts at 7:30 at Friday".

"Yeah, I guess I can go with you".

Chiho nodded and smiled, she walked away, not before turning back, and shyly winked.

"She definitely has a crush on you".

"I don't know much about her, I don't even know her last name".

"I can help you with that, she's good friends with my family".

Both guys drove home, and talked about Chiho. Y/N felt unsure now about the whole party thing, but couldn't simply tell Chiho didn't want to go.

Today's a new day, and it was Y/N's day off, but it wasn't for Jason and Chiho.

Of course I would go eat at my job, I can go bug my friends.

Me and my friend from college sat at the table, waiting for our food. Chiho appeared, carrying our tray.

"How's work going?".

"Good, extra money doesn't hurt".

"You could've worked somewhere else, or not at all with that scholarship and all".

"That's strictly for school, I do want to go have fun you know, this place was hiring part-time, so I took the chance".

"Our food is here".

"Here's your order".

"Do you have a blindfold mam, or large rag?".

"I do actually...".

"That's a... ".

"Sleeping mask".

"Found it".

Chiho handed the mask to Y/N nervously, then Derrick tells Y//N to put it in. Derrick grabs a fry from the tray, and feeds it to Y/N.

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