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(Instead of Doing the Dad and Dad2 I decided to just put Ashton and Calum. And he might call them Dad but ill put which one he is talking to or who said what. Like if he ask Calum something he would say 'Hey Dad can I go out?" I asked Calum.If that makes sense)

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           Trevor POV

       I felt relieved after talking to Ashton. He is so nice and understanding. I would have never thought that he had to deal with stuff growing up. But I'm going to take the help.  Before the elevator doors opened I took a deep breath. I need to apologize to Calum.  He didn't mean to yell.

          As the doors opened I walked behind Ashton  with my head down.  Then we reached the dinning room. I was thinking about what to notice that someone was calling my name softly. I looked up and saw the guy I had met earlier with concern on his face. I think his name is Mitchell.

           "Hey Trevor.  I wanted to ask if your ok?"Mitchell said.

           "Yea.... Yeah I'm ok. "I said in a low voice then put my head down. "I'm thanks for asking Mitchell. "

             "Well my names Michael. But I can see how you got it a bit confused with Mitchell. " He said laughing a bit. "Trevor you don't need to be scared of me or Luke ok.  We would never ever hurt you in any way.  Especially your Dad Calum.  He love's you so much. "He said to me while I just felt horrible because of what happened.

         I nodded and just walked over to Calum who was talking to Luke and Ashton. I just stood there looking down. I kept thinking on how I'd say sorry. But then I remembered what Dad said.  He didn't know about my past. But I still think I should apologize to him and our guest.

              I saw some colored pencil and a pad of blank paper.  So I walked toward it and started drawing.  It helps me a lot.  Michael  sat down next to me and grabbed a paper and pencil. He started to do his own thing. Then I saw the paper next to me. I opened it.

           What's on your mind?

         Just trying to figure out how to say sorry. My outburst was uncalled for. Drawing helps me alot.  :)  Trevor

            I pass the note back and continue drawing.  I look for a minute at my paper and decide to draw a deer. Since I have made a meadow with some sunlight coming out of the trees. I smiled a bit.  I grab a pencil and start with the deer.  I love drawing it takes me to different places.

           After awhile I hear Dad say dinner is served. I remember him saying we're having seafood. I put my pencil down and see Michael had never left my side. He could have left but he stayed which makes me trust him a bit. As we both stood up I lefted my head and smiled at him. Then I put it down as we walked to go eat.

          "So Calum and I always have grace.  Is that ok with you son?"He said in a quite tone.

           I nodded as I looked at the table. I feel ashamed about earlier and I know I'd I see Dad 2 I might start crying. I still don't know how to say sorry. Then I see a note next to me the same Michael and I had written in.

         Is it ok if I hold your hand to reassure you everything will be ok? I didn't want to do it suddenly so I decided go ask first.  Also you have a great smile. *Michael

            Yes it's ok. I kinda trust you a bit.  :) Trevor

          I hand it towards him and a few seconds later he hold my hand. Then I felt Dad's hand because I guess we are saying grace. Dad let go then Michael did. I started eating dinner and just listening to everyone talk.

           "Trevor do you like your new home?"Lance asked.
           I looked up a bit and see that everyone is looking at me. 

          "I love it. Thank you for asking Lance.... Right?" I ask.

         "It's Luke. But you'll get use to it. And that's good. So you like drawing. Maybe you can show me some of your artwork one day. Also I'm sure that your Dads will take you to the art museum.'He says  with a smile.

         "Dad 2 can I have more food please?"I ask Calum.This is the first time I have talked to him since I saw him upstairs.

        "Yes you can. And their is no need to ask.But thanks for making sure.I love you!"Calum said.

          "Okay...I...I...Love you too!" I said said with a shakey voice.

           I just quietly finish eating  while everyone starts talking. I asked to be excused and they nod.I still want to say sorry but it doesn't seem like a good time. I walk over to my Dads.I say good night as they hug and kiss my cheek saying good night. I let them know im going to shower then go yo sleep.Then I shake Luke and Michael's hand.

       I take a nice shower without worrying about anyone wanting the shower like at the orphanage.After im done I walk in my room and see some clean PJ'S on the bed. I put them on and say my prayers thanking God for this day and for making my dreams come true.I ask for him to watch over the people that are in need and sick.Then i get in my bed turn of the light by clapping my hands and fall fast asleep.

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