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Hey guys my obsession is Voltron as of now and more specifically Klance. xD

enjoy as i hurt our sharpshooter


"Lance, look at you! Your right eye could've been blown right out of your head! You're glad that the healing pods are a thing," Allura shouted at Lance, whom ducked his head in response. When he fell out of the pod, no one catched him, but rather he fell on his face. He rubbed his cheek. Right away Allura yelled at him.  

Yeah it's true. He had messed up the mission, but that didn't mean that it hurt any less. There was a bandage laid right over Lance's eye. The pod had saved the eye, but he would be sensitive to all and any light for the next few days. 


"Allura's right, Lance," Shiro stepped forward, sighing as he did. "You need to be more careful- you could've gotten yourself killed or someone else. You should've thought about your actions before just 'going with the flow'." Lance fought back tears. 

I know. 

"You could've..." 

Allura's voice faded out as Lance's mind took it's attack. 

What do you think you're doing? Trying to make a difference? Do you think anything you do will be better then what you're worth? Don't make me laugh. You're a useless piece of trash that just happened to be 'chosen'. Ha! I bet the Blue Lion made a mistake. I bet when she met you she was upset. I would be. 

Shut up. 

"....right, Shiro?" Allura finished her rant that probably lasted an hour. Shiro nodded in agreement; and that tore Lance apart inside.

His idol- his friend telling him down. 

"Next time think about what you're doing and how it might affect the mission, okay, Lance?" Shiro walked away without an answer. Allura let out a "hmmph" and walked off as well. Keith was silent this whole time while Pidge and Hunk had sneaked away, feeling the tension and awkwardness in the room grow. Keith studied Lance's blank face. 

"Are you okay?" Keith asked. Lance shrugged and walked to his room. 

What a joke. 

Shut up. 

Keith watched him walk off. He felt as if he should've followed, but he didn't. 


"Shut up shut up shutupshutupshutup!" Lance yelled. He scratched at his head. He curled up to a ball on the floor. He gasped in air as tears flooded his ears. 

Worthless. Useless. What a waste of space. What a 7th wheel. He wouldn't love you. Why would he love you? You're as useless as a fish without a tail and fins. 

"Stop!" He started to scratch as his arms, not stopping when the blood started to pool at his feet. His shoulders shook. He kicked his way to the wall where he laid his head against the wall. 

You're u s e l e s s ... w o r t h l e s s .. should go d i e...  

"I know..." Lance whimpered. His knees went up to his chest as he sobbed into his knees. 

What are you w a i t i n g for...? 

"I don't know..." Lance responded brokenly. He scratched harder. The pain will grab his attention. Suddenly the voice started to laugh hysterically. 

Oh my! Did you t h i n k...? That he w o u l d..? Want someone like y o u ? Want someone b r o k e n like y o u..? 

"S-Stop..," Lance screamed. He scratched harder and felt the blood drip and drip down his arms. 


"Does anyone know where Lance is?" Hunk asked, taking whatever he made out of the oven. "Dinner is coming soon." Everyone shrugged in confusion. 

Keith stood up, "I'll go get him." Before anyone could object Keith was out of the room. 


"Lance!" Keith knocked on the door and waited. He heard shuffling inside and suddenly the door opened. Keith sucked in a breath. 

There stood Lance. But all the life looked like it was drained from his being. His eyes were red as if he were crying. A frown graced his features. 

"Hey, Lance

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"Hey, Lance...." Keith murmured. "Are you okay?" Lance shook his frantically. The tears came back. Keith then noticed the blood. He gasped and looked up at Lance wide-eyed. 


"I'm sorry!" Lance screamed. His knees gave out as he fell on the ground. Keith shhd him softly and led him to the bathroom. 

"I'm going to bandage your arms, okay?" Lance nodded slowly. Keith slowly put disinfectant on Lance's arms and flinched when Lance didn't move a muscle. He bandaged the wounds slowly, trying not to hurt Lance any more. 

"What happened?" Keith whispered as he finished bandaging Lance's arms. 

"I'm useless." 


"I'm useless, worthless, broken, garbage, replaceable. I-I'm just a flirt that has nothing to give to the team! I'm-" 

Keith cut Lance off with a hug. Lance clamped his jaw. 

"Lance, oh my god I didn't know that you felt this way. I-I'm sorry for not noticing." 

Lance shook with quiet tears. If Lance was going to tell Keith at any moment, this would be it. 


"Yes, Lance?" 

"I-I know you won't feel the same, but I-I love you," Lance stuttered. Keith tensed and for a moment Lance thought he had fucked up majorly. Then Keith looked Lance in the eyes with a small smile. 

"I love you, you dork. You are worth so much I can't tell you. My god, Lance I've had a crush on you since the Garrison. I love you so much." 

Lance sucked in a breath as Keith kissed away his tears. For once, his mind was clear. 

Yeah, Lance thought, I'll be fine. 




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