??? x shy ballerina reader

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, this is a request from BahamasxCuba thanx for the request~

~Your POV~

I put down my dance bag onto the floor the gymnasium, I already have my point shoes and my beautiful detailed (f/c) performance tutu on, my hair was in a tight bun with light makeup on and a blimdfold on so i can feel the music, I put my performance song on and moved to the the song, my heart danced with the music as my feet moved with the beat, i felt invincible.....like nothing can bring me down....i continued to dance to the beautiful song.

~???? POV~

She looks so graceful, so beautiful, so..........perfect. she gently spun making her look like a masterpiece. She finished her spin and stopped, she let out a big breathe and put the next song on, it was a duet.....i remember this song from ballet(i think that how you spell it) when i was younger, my mum made me do it because she thought it will help with strength...but i just go bullied over it...so i quit but i remember bits and pieces from lessons.....

I slowly walk out of my hidding spot and walk towards her, her back faced me......i gently put my hand on her waist, she flinched. "Shhhh~ listen to your heart~" i purred into her ear. She put her hand on mine, taking her position. We dance in melody, dancing like the world disappeared , it felt amazing. 

She went into seventh position, standing up onto her points, I grabbed her waist lifting her up in the air. As I lifted her, the music stopped.....I slowly and gently lowered her down, she put her hand on my cheek. As her feet hit the floor, I remove my hand from her waist and place it on her cheek, I pulled her face into mine focusing our lips together. She turns around now facing me, I felt her hands rinse up my chest, then her arms around my neck bringing us closer, I slowly wrapped my arms around her waist making the kiss more passionate. 

We stay like this for a few moments until we separated, I removed my hands from her waist and placed them on cheeks, giving her a quick peck on the lips. I leaned our heads together, I gently removed her blindfold.

~Your POV~

The mystery guy gently pulled my blindfold off, to reveal............(SP/G- any south guy you want)?!?!?!? "(SP/G)??" I said putting my hand on his cheek, "Are you disappointed?" He said scratching the back of his neck, I put my other hand on his cheek, "why would I be disappointed in my crush?" I said blushing. "what??" he said quietly, he put his hands on  my waist. I forced his lips onto mine, I moved one of my hands from his cheek to his hair, twirling my fingers in his (south park guys hair colour) locks. 

We separated, he grabbed my hands "(Y/n) will you do me the honors of being my girlfriend?" (SP/G) said turning red. I blush and wrap my arms around his neck, jumping into his arms, "I would love to be your girlfriend" i said kissing him on the cheek, making his face bright red.

I giggle and give him a quick peck on the lips..........little did we know that his friends were hidding watching us the whole time.....until..."Get some!!!" One of his friends yelling, my face turned red and i hid my face in the crotch of his neck, i felt his arms tighten around me..... "Fuck off!! I WAS HAVING A MOMENT WITH MY GIRLFRIEND!! NOW GO AWAY!!" He yelled...."party pooper" his friends said leaving us alone.

"(Y/n) are you okay?" He said, i nodded moving my head, he kissed my head, " I love you (y/n)..." he said blushing, "I love you too.." i said, kissing him again....

I guess this is my happy ending...

~Sorry that the reader isn't really shy but I thought it was cute~

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