Chapter 7

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Two guys dragged Laina out, her head hanging down. She let her legs dragging across the ground, but only a bit.

"This is such a waste." Gally said. The two threw Thomas to the ground, Laina beside him once again.

"Gally..." Winston said, getting his attention. "It doesn't feel right, man."

"Yeah, what if Thomas was right." Jeff said. Gally gave a nod to one of them, having them hang Laina's and Ava's arms above their heads. "Maybe he can lead us home."

Gally took a step forward. "We are home." He walked closer to Jeff. "Okay? I don't want to cross anymore names off that wall."

"Yeah, but by banishing us, you already are." Ava said, trying to hold back the bitterness in her tone.

"Do you really think banishing us is gonna solve anything?" Teresa asked. Gally looked at her.

"No. But this isn't a banishing." he said, looking down at his belt. "This is an offering."

"Gally, what are you doing?" Teresa said, as someone stepped up, tying her hands like Ava's.

"Do you really think I'm gonna let Thomas back in the maze after what he has done?" Gally asked, looking at Teresa. "Look around you! Look at our Glade! This is the only way."

Newt and Minho looked at each other before looking at Chuck, who was off to the side, bags and a long stick in hand.

Ava looked over at Newt, who was in plain sight. "And when the Grievers get what they came here for... everything goes back to the way it was."

"Are you listening to this?" Teresa asked. "Why are you all just standing there, he's crazy!"

"Will you shut up?" Gally asked, anger in his words.

"If you stay here, the Grievers are going to come back. They're gonna keep coming back, and their gonna keep coming back... until your all dead." Ava said, pleading eyes at everyone.

"Shut up!" He pointed to Thomas. "Tie him up!"

No one moved, making Gally mad. "Did you hear me? I said, tie him up!"

Thomas' limp body was being pick up, but Thomas got up faster, elbowing the guy beside him.

This was their cue. Ava and Laina pulled themselves up from their hands, balancing themselves atop the poles. Thomas stayed fighting, pointing a stick at everyone.

Newt pulled out his knife, cutting Teresa's bindings as the two jumped down.

Gally went forward, about to make a move, until a blade was placed on his shoulder, making him turn to see Minho.

Chuck ran over, and all the people who believed grouped around the four.

"Your full of surprises aren't you?" Gally asked, as Chuck handed Laina her bow and arrows, making her load it.

"You don't have to come with us, but we are leaving." Thomas said, emphasizing. "everyone who else wants to come, nows your last chance."

"Don't listen to them, their just trying to scare you." Gally said, holding out a machete of his own.

"We're not trying to scare you. Your already scared. Alright? I'm scared." Laina said, looking at the faces in front of him. "But I'd rather risk my life out there then spend the rest of it in here."

"We don't belong here." Thomas started. "This place, isn't our home. We were put here. We were trapped here. At least out there we can have a choice. We can make it out of here. I know that."

Winston hesitantly walked over, being followed by Jeff and four others.

"Gally, it's over." Laina said, loosening her tight grip on the bow. "Just come with us."

"Good luck against the Grievers." He said. Everyone turned to leave, Thomas stood there, for a moment before Laina grabbed his hand, running into the maze.

Minho, Ava, Thomas and Laina lead the way. They all stopped at the entrance to section seven. Ava looked around the corner, seeing a Griever.

"Is it a Griever?" Chuck asked. Ava nodded, about to take a step out. "Shit."

"Take this Chuck." Ava heard from behind her. No one stopped her, and no one noticed Laina go with her.

Ava went up to it, making it shut down instantly. The giant group ran out, yelling until they saw the two girls, standing above the Griever body.

"Really?" Ava said. Another one came down, landing near the two. Everyone ran, their poles out.

Ava grabbed the stinger of it, and jammed it into itself, making it scream and hiss. Its tail went around, hitting her off of the side, but close enough for her to grab a corner. Chuck ran, trying to grab the key, and saw Ava.

Chuck grabbed the key, almost falling head first. Laina ran, grabbing Ava's hand and Chucks backpack, pulling both of them up, just as more Grievers came.

Ava grabbed Chucks hand, bringing him to the doors, Teresa following. The Griever fell, finally letting the serum kick in.

Laina turned around, shooting arrows at some. Everyone had their own part, some shoving, some killing, while some was trying to get out.

"Thomas! There's a code! Eight numbers!" Teresa yelled. Thomas looked back, still shoving, while looking at Minho.

"Eight sections of the maze, Hey Minho! What's the sequence." Thomas yelled.

"What?" he yelled back, looking at Thomas.

"The sequence of the maze, what is it?" Thomas yelled, Minho looked at him.

"Seven! One! Five! Two! Six! Four!" Laina looked up, seeing a Griever.

"Minho, watch out!" Laina ran, shoving Minho out of the way, making the Griever fall on her instead.


A/N okay, this is short I know, but thats just because this is the next chapter is the last chapter. Honestly, this is an accomplishment, because I don't finish books, but I'm getting emotional.

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