Chapter - 1

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As I looked out of the cottage, my only safe abode at the moment, I sighed. My eyes automatically drifted to the little baby girl in front of me. Dressed in a little white frock, the sleeping baby looked like an angel with her delicate features. Her obvious vulnerability pained me greatly. It had only been a year since she had opened her eyes in this world but she had already made some of the worst enemies anyone can ever make. And it wasn't her fault to say the least.

I have to do it however great it may pain. And I have to do it for her.

She wasn't my own child but I had treated and cared for her like my own. I could gladly sacrifice my life in a heartbeat for her, but if only that was enough to save her... I couldn't bear the thought of her not living. She was too young to die, she hadn't even seen the world yet.

My inner turmoil came to a standstill when she opened her eyes. Looking around with curious, bright eyes she smiled of her own accord. That single smile was enough to strengthen my determination as well as decision. When she looked at me with those emerald eyes of hers, I knew I was doing the right thing.

Yes, I would do it.

But with that came the slow realization that perhaps this was my the last meeting with her, perhaps the last time I was seeing her. It pained me to know that I wouldn't see her grow, I had become very attached to her in her short one year old life.

Enough. I told myself. I had to do it and do it right now.

And finally I willed myself to let her go.




Startled I woke up from the dream, the vivid images still lingering in my subconscious. The image of a man leaning over a cradle, his face distorted with conflicting emotions - it had all seemed so real. As I sat up on bed, I realized my heart was thumping at an abnormally fast pace.

I placed my left hand on the right side of my chest in a foolish attempt to calm down my pacing heart. Yeah, it was a little strange. My strange heart was on the right side of my chest instead of being on the left. But it didn't matter much because it was functioning normally like any other heart should.

Shaking myself out of these thoughts, I got up and opened the window of my room. I had woken up early due to my dream, it was early morning and the sun was just rising. The fading darkness and the bright rays of light were a sight to watch. The first rays of sun seemed to illuminate everything they touched. I closed my eyes as I felt the cool breeze fanning my face as it played with my long brown curly hair.

I caught sight of myself as I passed the mirror on my room's wall. Today, my emerald eyes seemed to shine more brightly than usual. After getting ready I headed downstairs. My uncle and aunt were already in the kitchen eating breakfast. I went directly to little Angel when I saw her sad face. She was my uncle and aunt's 3 year old daughter, whom I was extremely fond of. Angel sat there looking all sad and gloomy.

"What's the matter Angel, why do u look so sad?" I worriedly asked her.

"I want ice-cleem, momma tells no."

"But she had it just yesterday," my aunt said looking at me and then looking at Angel she said, "You can't have ice-cream everyday, honey!"

"B-but I like ice-cleem ! Its so good!" was a teary-eyed Angel's reply.

"Okay okay, now don't cry Angel, I'll get you ice-cream. But only this time! You can't demand it everyday okay?" I told her scooping her in my arms.

Angel instantly cheered up, "I love ice-cleem and I love Isis!" she exclaimed.

So here I was, returning home after buying Angel's favourite chocolate chips 'ice-cleem' for her. God, I totally loved her and truly she was my own personal angel.

Suddenly there was an acute pain on the left side of my chest, the pain was so intense that my eyes watered up and the ice-cream fell from my hand. My vision blurred, it was then I realized that there was a dart in my chest, on the left side exactly where one's heart is supposed to be.

The pain intensified and my eyes closed. I felt myself being lifted up in arms. Before everything blackened and I became unconscious, I managed to faintly hear some voices.

"You shot her straight in the heart! ... is she dead yet?..."

"Crail is gonna love her..."

And my last thought before I let go of consciousness was,

Would they be sad or glad to know that my heart is on the right and that their shot had missed my heart ?

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