Twenty-Four; Group Chat

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pragnet🤰 sent a message to SUPERNUGS💢


thank you guys so so so so so much for the 

gifts and the notes you left in the little 

bowl lizzie set up! honestly, it means so so

much to me that my lil guy has so many

people that care about him already!

america's sweetheart😇

you're welcome, mama bear❤️

little nug literally has a whole band

of superheroes on his side😉

actual god🌟

you're welcome😁


have you guys thought of any names yet?

actual baby daddy👅

we're spit-balling a few tbh, we're looking

to have a hispanic first name & then a

romanian middle name


we're also looking to keep the name a

secret until he's born, even from our closest


the sames goes for the baby's godparents,

whom we chose last month😉


you guys are trying to kill us, aren't you?

chris is an old man, he can't take this kind

of excitement

america's sweetheart😇 

i'm younger than you???

green giant😡  

sure you are, old man


and mark comes out of hiding, what a shock😂

bUt, as much as i'd love to stay and chat,

especially to you mark, i have a will at my door

with a very impatient stefanie😂

talk to you guys soon!


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