"That leech had its hands around her throat!" I heard Jake yell from far way. "I wasn't about to pounce, it could have easily ripped her head clean off of her shoulders!"

         What was he talking about "leech," what the hell did that mean? I struggled to open my eyes, fighting against the darkness that was drowning me, trying my best to see the world around me once again. But it was all no use, I was in far too deep, lost in the vast abyss of unfamiliarity. I barely even remembered how I fell into this profound state, the only recollection that I had was red eyes; dark crimson eyes that glowed with an unfathomable fury, and anguish. I could feel the fear settle in my stomach, and again I battled to regain consciousness, wanting nothing more than to scream, to cry. I wanted the whole world to know what I saw, what I felt. Those ice cold hands on my throat, the feeling of dread that wafted over me, and the intense willingness to die. Not wanting to deal with the pain anymore, just wanting it all to end.

         Another voice interrupted my thoughts, and I strained to hear it, the distance being so broad that it only sounded like a whisper. "I understand, Jacob, but you cant just leave her like this. That parasite tried to kill her! She is only sixteen for God's sake, she shouldn't have to deal with this, no one her age should."

        "But we all did," Jacob arbitrated. "We went through our change at that age. She needs to be clued in, she needs to know that there is more to this world that meets the eye."

        "I understand, Jake. I am totally aware that you want to protect her, but this isn't the way to do that. This isn't something that you can just blurt out in front of the entire world. We don't even know if she saw anything, or of she remembers what happened if she did see."

       "But, Sam, you don't understand, something strange went on out there. And I can in no way shape or form explain it!" Jacob spat.

     "What happened?" The second person, who I assumed to be named Sam, asks.

     "This weird white light came out of Ari, it cast the bloodsucker away! Shot her straight across the clearing. And I'm not talking some Star Trek 'Beam me up Scottie' bull shit, I'm talking full on flash grenade. The sycophant flew into a tree at least fifty yards away. It was insane! Please believe me, Sam, you have to believe me!"

      A light, a freaking light?! A light came out of me? Little Aribella Swan? He had to be joking. He must have been high, or on some sort of hallucinogen. I couldn't have done that, I was asleep, or dying or something.I saw Jake's mom, she told me to go back, she said that Jacob needed me. I can't let her down, if she says he needs me then he needs me and I won't let her down; but honestly if he thinks a light came out of me, than maybe he needed a therapist.

     "Jake, you need to relax, she is all right now." This Sam figure spoke; apprehension, authority, and worry in his voice. It seemed like he didn't know what to affirm anymore, like it was all too much for him.

     Their voices began to come closer, and I strained myself to fully awaken, no longer settling for just articulation. I forced my arm to move the slightest bit, and felt a heaviness inside my limbs, but obviously it doesn't matter. I want to see Jacob, to calm him down, to let him know that I'm all right, and that I would always be here for him. The denseness of my extremities was almost overwhelming, but I attempted to shift anyway, not caring how idiotic I look.

     Nothing was working , though and I am rooted to whatever space was beneath me. There was no changing that, so slowly I open my eyes, and speak. "Jacob?" The word came out gratingly.

    "Oh, Ari!" He nearly yelled, quickly making his way toward me and kneeling beside the bed I was placed on. "Are you all right?"