Chapter Thirty-Six

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Brooke's POV

My vision was blocked by Justin's back, but I managed to peek my head out beside his shoulder to see the look on his father's face. Jeremy looked stunned, slowly raising his hands in defense. Justin's other hand waved behind his back for a moment, touching my arm, just to make sure I was still behind him.

"I would praise your teamwork, but this is disrespectful." Jeremy spat, and I couldn't help but roll my eyes. From what I heard from Justin, Jeremy was never around for his childhood, so why should he respect him?

"This is what you get for making me come to this bullshit meeting. I would never become a part of your gang, and I thought you already knew that." Justin said. His head shakes, and his fist balls up at his side. I wanted to do something, I wanted to help Justin. But I knew I would only get myself in trouble if I tried to interfere.

"I have some information you might want to know," Jeremy smirked, and Justin's gun drops.

"What is it?" Justin snarled. I didn't know if Jeremy was just teasing him, or if he actually did have some secrets he was keeping from Justin.

"Your mother, is hiding something very sentimental to you."

I placed my hand on Justin's back, watching him shake in anger. My heart pumped faster and faster every second. I really hoped Justin wouldn't snap.

"And what would that be?" I growl erupted from Justin's throat. His grip tightened around his gun, and I hoped he wouldn't press the trigger by accident.

"It's not my business to tell..." Jeremy kept a knowing smile on his face, playfully looking away.

And that was when Justin snapped.

The gun dropped to the floor, and the next thing I knew Jeremy was pinned against the wall, his collar firmly fisted in Justin's hands. Justin slammed Jeremy's body against the wall a few times, before holding him high above his head.

"What the fuck is she hiding!" Justin yelled, bringing his knee up and smashing it into Jeremy's stomach.

"You - you have to ask h-her." Jeremy choked out, spitting blood out onto the floor. Justin dropped his body, giving his stomach one more kick.

"Oh, and I'd never join you on your stupid journey." Justin said, before motioning for me to follow him out of the room.

I quickly walked to catch up to him, but something caught my ankle. I looked down to see Jeremy, looking straight into my eyes.

"Watch out. He'll hurt you next." I shook my ankle from his grasp, running back over to Justin who was standing by the door. He immediately grabbed my wrist when I got over to him, dragging me out of the room. He was mumbling curse words under his breath, his grip tightening around my wrist every word he spoke.

I badly wanted to rip by wrist out of his grip, but, I knew he was unstable and angry right now. We got outside and finally Justin let go of my hand to allow me to get in the car. He walked around, slamming himself into the car seat.

He sat in silence for a moment, his long fingers tangled in his coffee brown hair. He tugged at the roots, squeezing his eyes closed.

Justin sat up, pushing the key into the ignition and backing out of the parking lot. I hugged my knees into my chest, letting out a sigh. What if Jeremy was lying, and his mom wasn't actually hiding anything from him? It's extremely easy to get into Justin's head, since his anger clouded most of his common sense. Jeremy - being his father - probably knew that weak spot in his son, using it to his advantage.

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