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Three weeks later

Ugh, first day of school.
Am I nervous?
No, not really.
Am I ready?
No, not even close.
Where's my hair band!

I've spent almost five minutes looking for my lucky red hair band.
No, I'm not really a superstitious person, but I also don't believe in coincidences.
"Hurry up Summer! We're leaving in ten minutes, with or without you!" My mom yelled from downstairs.
Wow, thanks for making me feel better mom.
I sighed as I mentally rolled my eyes.
"Summer, it's not the time." I silently said to myself as I put on my shoes.
I guess I'll just have to do without my hair band.
I sighed as I stood up and headed downstairs.

"Morning mom, morning Lawrence." I greeted as I entered the kitchen. I grabbed an apple and took a bite before the smell of waffles entered my nose. I looked at the kitchen island to see a neat pile of waffles on each plate.
"Morning Sweetie." My mom greeted back.
"Yes, you can have a waffle." She said before I could even ask.
"Elaine made you your favourite waffles today." She added as she handed me a plate.
"Tell her I said thank you so very much." I said before tossing my barely eaten apple in the trash can.


"Summer!" I turned to see my two best friends racing towards me before engulfing me in a hug.
"Oh my gosh I missed you guys so much!" I exclaimed as we broke out of our hug.
"Same. I don't know how, but my aunt's house seems to get even more boring every time I visit." Bella said in a disgusted tone.
"Barcelona was amazing! I got you guys the cutest shoes, you'll die when you see them." CJ said.
"So our first sleepover is definitely going to be at your house." I said.
"No doubt. Mine just got fumigated anyways. I'm staying with abuela in the mean time." Bella said.
"By the way, can I invite one of my new friends? Her name's Tomika. She's my neighbor." I asked.
"Sure, the more the merrier." CJ said happily.
"Great." I said before we linked arms and headed to our lockers.


"Hey beautiful." I felt my face heat up from the compliment as I looked up to see a familiar figure.
"Hey Freddy. Long time no see." I said as I closed my locker.
"Too long from that gorgeous face of yours." I felt my cheeks redden but I tried my hardest to look unfazed by his charming smile.
"You're cute when you blush." He said, causing me to blush even more.
Damned hormones!
"I was wondering if you could give me a private tour of the school after our last period?" Freddy asked in the form of a question.
"Unfortunately I'm not on my period, but I didn't know it was your time of the month Frederick." I said, struggling to hold back a smile. He looked dumbfounded for a second before plastering his usual smirk back onto his face.
"You've been spending way too much time with my sister." He said.
"Actually I haven't talked to her in three weeks. Speaking of Tomika, where is she?" I asked, suddenly realizing that she hadn't shown up yet.
"Her locker's on the other side of the school. Luckily my locker's next to yours." He said.
"Well I don't believe in luck. I'm still wondering what I did to deserve this cruel punishment." I sighed as I headed to class. Unfortunately, the asshole followed me.
"Maybe it's fate for us to be together." He suggested.
"I'd say it's more like an unlucky coincidence, but I don't believe in such." I sighed as I entered the classroom.

"Shouldn't you be heading to class?" I asked Freddy.
"This is my class." He said, causing my eyes to widen.
"What?" I asked, hoping he was kidding.
"Like I said, fate." He smirked.
"H-have you talked to any of the guys in this class?" I asked.
"Yeah. Zack." He said.
"Shit." I cursed under my breath.
"Why?" He asked.
I was about to answer when fortunately for me the door opened and in walked Tomika.
"Tomiks!" I ran over to her and gave her a hug.
"Hey Sum. Y-you're cru-shing me." Tomika stammered. I quickly let go of her.
"It's been so long." I said.
"It's only been three weeks." She pointed out.
"Exactly." I said.

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