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Chapter 8 (end)

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Thanks to my dear @Spidey-ette I have got the inspiration to try and finish a story. In the comments, please tell me which of the three discontinued stories you want to flourish and live on!

Note: I haven't updated let alone wrote anything since I last updated. im trying guys i promise ALRIGHT LET'S GO


10:23 A.M.

Oscorp Basement

"Tony," Steve murmured as Tony stared at the red splats on the ground. "We have to-,"

"That may not be his!" Pietro shouted, shoving forward. "There is no real evidence that that's Peter's. It could- it could be someone else's!" Pietro slipped through the bars, entering the cell.

The cell was small with nothing but a stiff bed, untouched. This could mean two things:

1. The prisoner was stubborn as flock, (sounds like Peter) and resisted to use the bed.

2. The prisoner was kept here while they were still unconscious.

Pietro bit his lip. He didn't like the sounds of either of those  options. It could've been blood from some stupid crazy experiment-

Tony shoved Pietro out of the way and Pietro gave Tony a hard glare.

"Jarvis, do your magic," Tony ordered. There were some calculations done in seconds, and Jarvis's voice answered with a small,

"This does seem to be Spider-Man's blood, sir."

The room was quiet.

Then there was a uproar of curses, mostly from Clint and Tony. Steve didn't have the heart to tell them to care about their language.

"Well why are we just standing here?" Thor stepped forward. "The only way to find Peter is to find Loki. So why are we standing here and mourning? There is no real evidence that Peter is dead." There was silence until Steve straightened up.

"Right," He says, and everyone can see through his fake happiness, "we have to find them." He turned to Tony,

"Is there anything you can do?"



"I suppose I'll hand you back to the Avengers," Loki murmured. He seemed extremely exhausted. Peter was silent for a minute.

"What about you?" he whispered. Loki's head turned to Peter. Why would a mortal- no, a child like Peter care about the God of Mischief let alone his kidnapper?

"Why would you care, Peter?" Loki asks, looking forward, "I kidnapped you, after all. And it seems that my plan had failed." Peter opened his mouth when Loki turned to him, a small smile gracing his features.

"I'll be fine, Peter. I think it's time that you go back to your family." Peter smiled a bit.

"O-Okay," Peter's voice wobbled. Man, this wasn't the time to become emotional, Peter. Loki chuckled a little, and Peter punched him lightly on the arm. Loki's expression became grim.

"I'm afraid I cannot escort you to Avenger's tower. For... obvious reasons. Tell me where I can let you go so that you can find your way back... home." Loki shuffled and grabbed something. He held out his hand to Peter, and upon further examination, Peter recognized those hand-made webshooters any day. He hesitantly picked them up from Loki's hands and attached them to his hands.

"You can drop me anywhere in New York. After all, I'm Spider-Man I need to know my city inside out, right?"

Loki looked at him smugly.

"Where are we then, Mister Spider-Man?" Loki smirked. Peter glared then stated,

"A very dark room, Mister God of Mischief," Peter stated firmly. Loki laughed a bit,

"Alright, you got me. The door over there should lead you somewhere in Brooklyn." Peter looked to his right and saw a wooden and old door. He hugged Loki lightly and caught the God off guard. He got up, put on his mask and walked towards the door. He turned,

"Loki than-," Peter stopped. The god wasn't there anymore. He had vanished, leaving small traces of green smoke behind. Peter smiled under his mask as he shot his webbing on a building, headed towards the Avenger's Tower. Oh man, he thought, I can't wait to see everyone!


Stark Tower

"Tony," Steve groaned, putting his hand on his forehead. The billionaire ignored him, turning his back on him.


Tony turned, head buzzing, "What?" Tony looked downright done with everything at the moment. Steve took a deep breath and glared right back at him.

"Why are they here?" Steve asked pointing to the group of people that consisted of Sam Alexander,  Wade Wilson, and Ben Parker. Next to them stood Clint, Pietro, and Thor.

"I'm explaining to them the situation. If we have more eyes and ears the faster we can get Spider-Man back.

"Tony, more than half of those people are kids-"

"Excuse me?" Sam screeched, flailing his arms, "Do you know who I am? I am Nova, the best and most-" Ben shoved his hand in Sam's face. Sam flailed his arms his arms even more.

"Shut up, we're here to help find Spider-Man," Ben hissed in Sam's face. Sam sneered at him.

"It's not my fault that Webs got himself captured-"

"I'm sorry, Steve, do you have a better idea because to me it seems like I do all the work here-"

"Are we gonna find Spidey? What-no of course not- I know but this seemed interesting-oh shut up! You know you want to- White c'mon- Yellow oh my god-"

Everyone started yelling, some not even knowing who they were yelling at.

The ding of the elevator shut everyone up.

"Who could that possibly be-"

"Tony shut up!"

Clint gasped when the elevators presented who it was.

Tony stared, Steve sucked in a breath, Sam groaned, Ben was silent, Wade cooed, Thor hummed and Pietro yelled out a "Thank god!"

Peter stepped out of the elevator, all battered a bloodied. He had dried blood on his neck, cheek and chin. He also had blood all over his suit, not to mention the rips. He had a slight limp when he walked out of the elevators. He gripped his mask in his hand.

Peter smiled sheepishly and waved,

"I'm home..."


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hopefully the art makes up for my absence (probably doesn't xD)

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