The Start Of Something New Part 2.

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I woke up to my phone going off making me groan a little and put it off pulling Hailey closer to me making her groan and move. I put my face in her neck and took in her sweet scent as she wrapped her arms around mines. We stayed in that position for a while till she turned around to face me planting small kisses on my face making me smile but still keep my eyes closed.

Y/n:"I missed these kisses in the morning"I mumbled making her hum and kiss my nose making me open my eyes a little and look at her.

Hailey:"Morning sleepy head"She said making me chuckle and little kiss her head.

Y/n:"Good morning beautiful"I said making her smile. She hugged me again making me chuckle a little and wrap my arms around her holding her tight.

Hailey:"This still feels like a dream to me"She mumbled in my chest making me sigh and kiss her head.

Y/n:"I know was a really long week"I said making her pull away and nod. I sat up straight and yawned a little since I was still tired. She straddled me and gave me a big smile making me chuckle"What?"I asked making her lean forward and bite her lip.

Hailey:"Where's my good morning kiss?"She asked making me laugh a little and lean forward connecting our lips making my whole body ignite. She cupped my face while I moved my hands to her waist tracing small circles on her exposed skin.

Y/n:"I definitely missed that"I said as we pulled away making her giggle and bite her lip. I smiled a little and starred at her for a while taking in the beauty in front of me.

Hailey:"What?"She asked making me shake my head and move my hands to her ass and lean closer to her lips.

Y/n:"Nothing...I just have the most beautiful women in front of me"I said making her blush while I chuckled pecking her lips"God I love you"I said making me her blush and kiss my lips pulling away slightly.

Hailey:"I love you too"She said making me smile and connect our lips again missing the taste of strawberry lips on mine. Our lips moved in perfect sync making me fireworks go off in my head. I traced her bottom lip with my tongue trying to deepen the kiss when she pulled away making me groan and her giggle.

Y/n:"Baby!"I whined making her giggle and peck my lips making me pout.

Hailey:"As much as I would love to continue this I have to shower and get ready since we both have a photoshoot later"She said making me groan but nod. She got off the bed and went to the bathroom making me regret having a shower and coming here.

I was on my phone playing a few games and scrolling through Instagram when I heard the bathroom door open making me look up and see Hailey walk out with nothing but a towel. I locked my phone and put it away and watched her walk around the room while my eyes roamed her body.

Hailey:"You know I can literally feel you starring right?"She said turning around making me shrug and and sit up.

Y/n:"Can't blame parents always told me to appreciate art"I said making her blush a little. I smirked and watched her as she looked for something to wear and threw it on the bed.

I watched her closely and she walked around the room and stopped in front of me making me eyes stay glued on her. She let the towel drop from her body making my eyes roam her newly exposed skin taking every single detail in.

Y/n:"You're truly a masterpiece Miss Baldwin"I said making her blush a little and giggle.

Hailey:"Thanks babe"She said as she slipped in her underwear and bra making me bite my lip. I love it when she wears red and black lace. She sat on the bed and grabbed the lotion making me wake up and take it from her.

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