The Start Of Something New Part 1.

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Its been two days since I've seen Y/n and its been utter torture not being able to see her. We called and talked few times but she's been busy with interviews and a few concerts while I was busy with photoshoots and interviews myself. Its been such a hectic few days that I was surprised that I actually got a break today so I decided to meet up with the girls since we were all in London.

I arrived at the restaurant and walked in trying to find the girls which was hard since they were laughing like mad people making me laugh a little and walk towards them. Its been at least two weeks since we all saw each other and it was boring without them to be honest. I walked to the table and saw them look up and smile pulling me into bone crushing hugs as I arrived at the table.

Kendall:"Hails!"She yelled making me laugh a little and hug back earning a few stares from people.

Kylie:"Oh my god!"She said hugging me along with Gigi and Bella making me smile and hug back or try to anyway.

Bella:"Its been forever!"She said pulling away making me nod and take my seat.

Gigi:"So how have you been?"She asked wiggling her eyebrows making me blush a little.

Hailey:"I've been good and you guys?"I asked making them all smile and mumbled a few goods.

Bella:"So a little birdy told us something..."She said making me look down and blush.

Gigi:"Something along the lines of The Y/n Y/l/n and Hailey Baldwin being the faces of Guess! Together!"She said making me laugh a little and nod while they all fangirled over it.

Kylie:"Could you two be any more cuter?!"She asked making me giggle and blush. We ordered our drinks and food and sat back getting back to our conversation.

Kendall:"You two are legit couple goals"She said making me laugh and shake my head.

Hailey'"To be fair we were both surprised that they paired us together"I said making them hum and smirk at me"What?"I asked making them laugh.

Bella:"Well I think Y/n's parents pulled a few strings since they do own the brand Hails"She said making me blush.

Gigi:"I'm pretty sure Y/n and Hails must be on top of the moon tho...I'd die to get that opportunity with Zayn"She said making them nod. We were all talking when we saw Kendall on her phone smiling making us smirk.

Hailey:"Kenny..."I said making her look up and lock her phone"Whatcha smiling at?"I asked making her clear her throat and look down.

Kendall:"Nothing"She mumbled making us look at each other and smirk.

Kylie:"Really cause someone told me that you and Payton seem to be having a good time..."She said earning a hit from Kendall. We all laughed and saw her blush a little.

Kendall:"We're seeing where things will go"She mumbled making me sip my drink.

Hailey:"Well it definitely went somewhere from what Y/n told me"I mumbled making everyone look at me wide eyed.

Gigi:"No way!"She said making me shrug at Kendall who's face looked redder then a tomato. Guess that's what I look like when they tease me.

Bella:"Kenny?"She said looking at Kendall who was still frozen making me laugh a little.

Hailey:"Y/n and Payton were in Paris the other day and Y/n/n got a visit from Kenny...."I said making Kendall groan and hide her face"And Y/n had to go because she had a interview and when she came back to the room she heard very unpleasant sounds from Payton's room"I said making them all smirk at her.

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