Chapter 34

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When Vinny slowed down his sobs, he pulled his head up and wiped the tears from his face. He decided that he needed to pull himself together. Without looking at his parents, he untangled himself from his mum and walked into the bathroom. He didn't look in the mirror as he washed his mouth. He was too ashamed.

He took a moment to breathe deeply before leaving the bathroom with a blank expression. He looked over at the bed to see blood stains and it pierced his chest. It all felt like a horrible nightmare.

Duke walked over and placed a hand on his shoulder. He waited until Vinny looked at him before he spoke.

"This wasn't your fault."

Vinny closed his eyes and frowned. How could he let this happen?

"How can I ever face him?" He whispered. Remorse was filling his chest. "I was the one person who he was meant to trust the most, and I hurt him." The tears were building up again but he managed to swallow them back down.

"Son, Oliver will forgive you. He will understand that it wasn't you who drank his blood. It was the hunger and addiction that took over." Madison spoke softly.

"What if he doesn't?"

"He will, I know he will," Duke pulled him into a hug in which his mum joined.

They stayed like that for a few long seconds. Vinny was so glad they were here, he was so glad to receive his parent's support when he needed them the most. He then pulled away and inhaled deeply.

"Where is he?" He asked and stood up straight.

"In the first aid room, downstairs."

Vinny made sure he had no blood on him before slowly making his way out of the room.

They were all incredibly thankful that they did not run into scarlet on their travels. His parents hoped she had left already. They couldn't face her, not when they were so angry.

As they arrived downstairs, Charles was making his way down the corridor.

"Duke, Madison, is everything alright?" He asked with concern. His bedroom was down the hall from the cloakroom so he had heard voices and movement. He came out to see Scarlet and Kyran leaving. He was confused as to why they would leave in the middle of the night.

His gaze fell upon the Master who was clearly unsettled.

"Vinny, go see Oliver. We'll be there in a minute," Duke said gently and gave him a kind smile. His son nodded before walking past Charles and down the corridor.

He didn't stop until he reached the room. He placed a hand on the door and took a deep breath before pushing it open. He walked in to see Oliver, sitting on the bed while his dad finished bandaging up his wrist. They both looked up when the door creaked.

Oliver was so glad to see him but Vinny looked at him with so much guilt. He had done something unforgivable.

"Come here," Oliver said softly, knowing that he'd probably fall over if he tried standing up.

Hesitantly, Vinny walked up to him.

As soon as he was close enough, Oliver reached out and took his arms. He pulled him into a tight hug but Vinny didn't hug back straight away, he didn't feel that he deserved his comfort. However, his warmth and scent were almost too difficult to resist.

He then lifted his arms and wrapped them around his soulmate. They both cuddled into each other and took this as an opportunity to relax and clear their thoughts.

"Oliver, I'm so, so sorry," He muffled into the side of his face. This made his soulmate squeeze him tighter.

Duke and Madison came in but stood next to John. They informed Charles about everything that just happened and he asked if they needed him up, but they told him to go back to sleep. The boys only needed their parents and each other.

"Don't be ridiculous," He pulled his face back. "You're not the one who needs to apologise."

Vinny studied Oliver's emerald eyes as he placed a hand on the back of his neck.

"But I hurt you," He whispered and looked down in shame. Guilt kicked him in the stomach.

"No you did not, Scarlet did. All of this was her. You couldn't help your actions and I know that. I know that it wasn't you making those decisions. So please, please don't apologise." Oliver was looking desperately into his eyes. He had to know that it was all okay.

"but, I didn't-" He leant forwards and silenced him with a kiss. He pulled on his waist and pressed his body into his while cherishing the taste and the feel of his lips. Their warmth reconnected in their chests as Vinny kissed him back.

It only lasted for a short moment but as always, it felt so special.

Oliver then pulled Vinny into another hug. He was going to smother him with affection and love until he stopped feeling so distressed.

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