Chapter six: my mate

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Dylan's pov


I held my mate close to me. I hear her inhale and exhale shakily. My wolf and I felt so guilty that we pushed her away. I feel the most guilty because I almost rejected her. Not only did she prove her innocence, but she also showed us how she was treated. And what angered me most is that she isn't pure anymore. She gave herself someone  else.

My wolf, blaze, growled out in anger and started pacing. 'They did this to her. They have to pay!' Blaze snarled in disgust.

'They will pay blaze. We just have to wait at the right moment to take charge.' I say back to him


                 Jessie's pov

I open my eye's when I hear a door opening and closing. I sit up and groaned as I rub my temples. I have the most painful headache ever recorded in history. My mates smell waft around me slightly calming my severe headache. "I knew you'd have a headache when you wake. Here this'll help." Dylan said while handing me two IV profan tablets and a cup of ice cold water. I took the pills and relaxed. "Thank you.." I say while looking around the room I'm in.

Whoa. This room is huge! The color of the walls are a dark grey and silver with white designs on them. To the far right was a couch and a white fluffy carpet. A huge flat screen tv hung on the wall with a xbox plugged up to it. A black coffee table infront on the couch. Red and blue bean bag chairs on either side of the couch. To my left was a wide window that had a beautiful view of the forest.

Before I could servey the rest of the room. Dylan snapped his fingers in front of my face. I growled before looking at him. "Don't do that..I hate it when people do that..."

"Sorry geez chill! I just wanted to tell you that dinners ready. We should go down stairs and get you something to eat." He says while looking at me weirdly. "Okay, lets go." I say getting up while stretching. I dragged my hand through my long brown and silver hair. The silver streaks in my hair were there when I was born. Nobody knows what it means. So everyone shrugged it off. I look up to find him staring at me with so many emotions flowing through his eyes its hard to decipher them.

"You are so beautiful. And your mine. All mine." He said while his voice gets deeper. His eyes turned black as he stepped closer to me. His wolf in control. "I'm all yours. Only yours.." I say walking up to him. I rapped my arms around his neck as he layed his hands on my waist. He lowered his head into my neck. His nose lightly brushing my collier bone made me shiver with pleasure. I layed my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat.

"We should go." Dylan pulled back and looked down at me. I only nodded my head. Already missing his warmth. We walked out the room and down the hall. As we got to the stairs, I stopped and looked at him. I was beginning to get nervous.

"It's alright. Everyone feels guilty about what they said." Dylan said while holding my hand in reassurance. The sparks calmed me as we walked down the steps. "L- luna?" A teenage boy asked trying to get my attention. Others start to gather around behind him. Their heads held low in shame. This surprised me. Then, the young boy started to talk.
"We all are so sorry for disrespecting you. Not even knowing the true story of your past. We all judged you before getting to know you. And that was the biggest mistake we could have ever made. We just hope that you can forgive us...and If not..we'll all understand luna. Just please give us a chance.." the teen looked down in shame, all the others looked so guilty. I could tell that they are truly sorry. "It's okay guys, I understood where you were all coming from. I forgive all of you. Not because of all the sad faces you guys are making, but because of the honesty and guilt I see behind this. So I forgive you guys and one more me Jessie. I not really ready to be called luna just yet.." I looked at all of the as they cheered and crowded around me to make a huge group hug. More like pack hug.

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