Chapter 1 ~ Annabeth

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Annabeth sat under the birch tree in the garden of the castle of Oceania. She let the tears that she was holding in flow. Imagine, being named queen and helping her husband rule a large kingdom. Then having him disappear after two months.

The whole kingdom was frantic. Annabeth sent soldiers to find Percy. Hopefully they did. She needed him to help her take care to their kingdom. She needed him to command the troops and most of all, be a father.

Annabeth looked up at the sky. She saw the setting sun, the rising moon, and the bright stars Percy pointed out at night. She missed his loving words to help her fall asleep every night. He would say,

"I always wondered, how did your father take the brightest stars of the sky and put them in your eyes?"

Annabeth would always laugh, then kiss him afterwards. She never had the chance to tell Percy she was with child. That, she regret most of all.

Percy was probably worrying about her right now, he didn't need another thing to worry about. Annabeth missed him so much. She stood and walked towards the castle.

Annabeth worried about what she would do about the war with Kronos. The other kingdoms were able to lead their armies into battle. Why? They had kings. Oceania couldn't lead without Percy. But when Annabeth became queen, she promised to lead her people if her husband was away. Now, she's left with that job.

Annabeth was worried. What if she couldn't lead her people? What if the countries fall one by one? She ran to the library.

The library was always a comforting place when she was upset. She always took a book to read and returned it later. Her favorite one was about a young girl who refuses to fall in love, but eventually does. Annabeth didn't feel like reading that one.

She was so nervous she almost dropped the book she was getting. A book on war strategy. She needed this. Her mother was an expert at strategy.

Oh gosh. Annabeth had a choking feeling in her throat. She ran to the chamberpots. Then, let it loose.

She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. These few months were going to be hard.

Today was the war council meeting. She was an important part of it. Every king or queen stepped down to pass their thrones to their children. Piper's sister, Drew,  got her mother's throne. Jason was king of Jupiter. And many others.

Piper and Jason were still together, thankfully. Annabeth was happy for them. She wanted to see them very badly. Luckily, the war council was in a few hours.

As Annabeth walked through the castle, she saw her lady in waiting, Hazel, with a favored guard of Percy's, Frank. They were standing close to each other and talking. Annabeth smirked. They were perfect for each other.

Seeing them together made Annabeth think of Percy. Why did he disappear? Annabeth promised to herself that whoever took him will pay.

Finally, it was time for the war council. She met the rest of the leaders in the council room in the palace of Jupiter, Jason's kingdom. Annabeth met Piper along the way.

"Hello Annabeth." Piper greeted.
"Good day, Piper." Annabeth replied.

They laughed and embraced. Annabeth realized she hadn't told Piper of Percy's disappearance.

"Pipes, there's something I have to tell you."
"What is it?"
"Percy's gone."

Piper's eyes widened in shock.

"Gone, as in captured?" she asked.
"Gone as in disappeared. I don't know where he is."
"Oh, Annabeth. Why didn't you tell me earlier? Later we are going to talk over tea."

Annabeth smiled at her friend and nodded. They entered the council room.

The assembled leaders sat around the table. Jason sat at the head. He gave Annabeth a small smile, then a questioning look when he realized Percy wasn't with her. She gave him a 'wait, I'll tell you everything later' look.

The other leaders were King Leo, for the kingdom of Vulcanite, Prince Nico for the kingdom of Pluto, Princess Katie for the kingdom of Ceres, King Luke for Mercury, Princess Drew for Venus, Annabeth's brother Malcolm for Athens, Lady Thalia for the land of the hunters, and Lady Clarisse for Mars. Annabeth took a seat next to her brother, as she was representing Oceania for Percy.

"Welcome to the war council," Jason greeted, "We have tea and cookies."

Annabeth saw the delectable chocolate cookies in the center of the table, she and many others grabbed at least one. Everyone got a cup of tea. Annabeth was happy to be sitting between Malcolm and Piper, who was sitting next to Jason.

A map was laid on the table. It showed the kingdoms and the land of King Kronos, which was south of the allied kingdoms. Annabeth studied the map intensely. As did her brother. Since they were from Athens, they were born natural strategists.

Kronos was going to attack next month, that's what they had heard from their spies. Annabeth thought of the best places to camp.

If we camp near the Ionian Sea, the troops would have a water supply and a way to travel. That would be the best place to prepare an attack. We need troops to guard our kingdoms, we could move them to the shores of the Ionian Sea facing Turkey, King Kronos's land. He would try to attack by sea, and we'll be waiting.

"Anyone have ideas?" Jason asked, looking at the siblings.

Annabeth looked up from the map. She glanced at her brother. He nodded. They always had the same ideas when it came to armies and troops. Annabeth nodded back and spoke.

"We should place camps near the shores of the Ionian Sea. That way they'll have water and a way to travel. They should be on the shores facing Kronos's land. He will try to attack by sea, and we'll be there waiting."

Everyone nodded and followed along as Annabeth spoke. Jason looked at the rest of the leaders. Then smiled at the siblings.

"Well, if that's what our best strategists say, I'm for it. A vote."

Everyone raised their hand. Drew had a question, though.

"What if he will attack by land."

Annabeth opened her mouth to answer, but Malcolm beat her to it.

"The journey across land will be tiring and long. But we must set up troops there also just in case."

Jason nodded. Then he spoke.

"I will send my troops on land. Oceania will send theirs near sea. The rest, hold your troops. We will need them later. Meet again in a few weeks. Meeting adjoined."

The leaders nodded respectfully . Each turned, got up, and left. Before Annabeth could leave, Piper grabbed her arm.

"The tea and an explanation?"

Annabeth laughed and followed her friend to the dining hall of the castle of Jupiter.

Hey guys! I'm back! Yay! Here's the sequel like I promised. I hope you liked it. Keep reading on to find out what happens. See ya next time.
I also want to say another thing. I was reading Thai book, "Stories Thieves" by James Riley. It's an actual published book. So in the book a girl named Bethany can travel through books and watch them like a movie. So I thought, "Hmm wouldn't it be cool to meet the seven and Nico and Reyna and Chiron and see CHB?" Yeah, check out the book.

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