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His hair looked like what I imagined actual materialized moonlight to be. He was a relatively tall guy, and I know he was built in that irresistible lean sort of way—I could see it in how his shirt (whatever that official attire was, it really wasn't unattractive) stretched across his biceps and forearms as he entered the police station. The strides he took as he moved across the short distance from the door of the station to where Officer Jeon and I were seated showed just how blatantly in control of himself he was, that self-assured gait of his a direct feature of his unfailing surety, no doubt.

He was, in a nutshell, absolutely and ridiculously perfect.

Cue my anxiety.

Not that I'm an anxious or fretful person in general, no. I'm pretty secure with who I am and I like how I look in a comfortable manner. I wasn't the type to look at others and feel less of myself in any way. The only reason why I was even gawking at him at all was because the sound of the doors opening had pretty much interrupted the serious conversation I was having at the moment.

But now that I'd seen him, this man definitely had my complete and undivided attention now.

He stopped right beside Officer Jeon, not even sparing me a single glance as he spoke in a low voice that was downright liquid gold, "Need a word with you."

Oh boy. If I liked how he looked, it didn't match up to his voice. It was low enough to make you think he didn't really expend much effort on talking aimlessly, but it sounded good.

I was almost curious as to who he was.

But then again, I was here for a reason and probably shouldn't be checking out random strangers strolling into the local police station.

Officer Jeon only looked irritated at the statement. "And it can't wait? I'm working."

That's when his eyes—eyes so dark, so shadowy, so obscure—slid over to me, taking me in in all my sorority girl glory—disheveled hair, cutoffs, sneakers, Tri Pi Rules shirt and all. I bet he wasn't impressed. Not a second later, those eyes were back on Officer Jeon sitting across from me. "You have one minute."

They definitely knew each other, I deduced. There was a tone of unmistakable familiarity there between them.  

Officer Jeon just shook his head in mild annoyance and turned back to me. "Faith, is it?" At my nod, he continued while shuffling through some paperwork on his desk, "and... you're here to bail out Cal Anderson, is that correct?"

I nodded again. The whole thing was stupid. A couple of cops had shown up at his party, asking them to keep it down and drunk Cal thought it would be a good idea to get it out with them.

And not that it was any surprise to us, but it really hadn't been a good idea.

Maybe this was another problem to add to the list of downsides his fraternity had when it came to living at the one house on campus that was closest to a residential neighborhood.

"And the rest of your friends are...?" He looked up from a file straight at me, expecting an answer. Of course he couldn't forget the seven others I came with.

"They're outside." Of course, it would've been a little odd to all be crowding his table right now.

The reason I was here right now as the spokesperson instead of any one of the others was because I was probably the most level-headed out of everyone else and I was the one most likely able to talk to the authorities calmly.

Not to mention, I was also not drunk.

"Alright, then," he stood up suddenly, moving around his desk. "Let's go get your friend."

And with that, I got to my feet too and began following him to where he headed towards the hall on the left. He walked fast like he wanted to get it over with and like he had better things to do than be working bail, so I hurried to keep up.

But because I just couldn't help it, I risked a single glance over my shoulder at the man I was likely never going to see again.

Of course, this wasn't like a cheesy movie scene where I'd find him already looking at me or anything.

So I expected it to stay that way.

But then almost as if he felt eyes on him, his eyebrows descended into a frown a moment before he looked up right in my direction. Then his eyes immediately narrowed into an inscrutable expression that I couldn't name.

And then I turned away.

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Chapter one is up! If you liked it, don't forget to vote and comment! 


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