chapter twenty-four

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I looked at Annabeth her hands clinging around the fabric of her pyjamas. We decided to sneak out of the castle and are now all sitting by the lake. It was cold but none of us cared as we watched her take a deep breath.

"Okay guys, When I was kidnapped, something weird happened," Reyna and Thalia looked at each other then back to Annabeth. 

"Like what?" Will urge as his hand rested on mine. Annabeth leant on Percy and began to speak again.

"Well, I was yelling at the guards, in Greek of course. I don't know why but something told me that if  I pretended not to understand them I could buy us some time," We all nodded and she slowly carried on as if she wasn't sure if the memory was true or not.

"It did but it also lead to someone breaking into my cell. This, somebody, was two silver ghost like beings that were called Jamea and Lily that told me that we needed to save Hogwarts because it was causing a rift in the spirits but that's not it, When I heard Harry and Ginny talking about Harry's dead parents he mentioned the names, Lily and James," I felt confused, why would dad let spirits out and even if they did just escape some way why would they talk to Annabeth and what rift between the spirits? I felt someone shake my shoulder,

"What?" I asked looking up at the others, they just looked up behind me, that's when I realised the hand was still on my shoulder. Turning around I saw professor McGonagall.

"Good evening Nico, did any one tell you anything about a curfew?" I bit my lip, Yup.

"No." I lied letting the confusion I already felt run into my voice, I didn't look at her. A dead give in. She just raised an eyebrow,

"Ten points from Gryffindor for that obvious lie, now all of you explain to me why our out here before I give you all ten weeks of detention." Annabeth immediately began to speak.

"It was my idea, you see I was kidnapped by death eaters and something weird happened and then Piper, Hazel and I found out something about Luna through a potions book and we all felt that it would be best to discuss these things while no other students were awake." She looked mildly confused but also curious.

"And what did you find out about Luna exactly?" Annabeth sighed rubbing her arm as I bit at my nails.

"She used a memory changing potion on us but when we looked at the page closer there was a note that indicates that it might not have just been her," Professor McGonagall nodded.

"Go to bed before I change my mind," With that note, we all sprinted back to the castle.

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