"Gwen or Morgana?"

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Hello. So this is long. Longer than most stuff I've written.

I love Merthur with all my heart and especially Colin.

He's just adorable.

I totally got my friend into loving Colin because I showed her the shows he's in and the last one I showed her was the newest thing he was in in 2016.

I totally got my friend into loving Colin because I showed her the shows he's in and the last one I showed her was the newest thing he was in in 2016

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This is how I actually kind of picture Merlin looking in this story- just with nowadays clothes and not the ones he wears in this show.

Okay so back to the story! Hope you enjoy this chapter and please don't forget to vote and comment!!

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"Wow." Says a voice. "I am so not surprised. I knew this would happen eventually." The voice continues sounding smug as ever and Merlin tries to ignore it.

Oh. Her.

"Holly. Go back to hole you crawled out of." He mumbles and he feels a body rumble beside him. Or under him? His mind hasn't woken up yet to function properly.

It's like he can feel her smirk, without even looking at her. "I swear Merlin, I'll just drag you back down under with me." She says before flopping down on the bed at there feet making Merlin groan and the bed bounce.

He slowly sits up and glares at her. "What do you want." He asks and she just grins at him and bats her long mascara covered eyelashes.

"Why Merlin." She gasps and puts a hand to her heart. "You're my friend you idiot." She says rolling her eyes. "And I need a place to crash tonight." She says quickly and Merlin goes to tell her to get a life but gets cut off. "I know, I know. I should just find a new place to live. But I can't. I don't have the money or the time right now. The neighbours are renovating and it's all just noise and messiness." She says throwing her hands up and falling back so she's now laying across both there feet.

If Arthur was still king and in charge she'd have been throw out the window by now. And Merlin wouldn't have complained either. Hell he probably would have joined him.

"Holly, come on. It can't be that bad." He says and Arthur moves so his head is now under the pillow to try and block out the sound of Merlin and Holly. Not that Merlin blames him. Merlin wishes he were him.

"Merlin you have no idea. All they do is keep me up when I'm not at work. I need sleep. They even make me do things for them." She says and shudders over dramatically. "Have you ever done stuff that you don't want to do but you have no choice?" She says then rubs her eyes.

Merlin looks down at Arthur who is now watching Merlin from under the pillow. "You have no idea." He mumbles and Arthur grins before going back under fully.

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