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"Capture the Fog Troupe!?" Aladdin asked, surprised.

"Yes," said Sinbad. "Join forces with us so that the Fog Troupe, which is causing a disturbance in this country, can be brought to justice."

"...!" Aladdin, Faith, and Morgiana said, taken aback when they saw how serious he was, while Hope furrowed her brow slightly.

"Sin, wait a second!" Ja'far said anxiously, grabbing his shoulder. "What nonsense are you saying!? He's still a young child, you know! How could you ask such a young child to undergo such dangers?" he asked sternly, placing himself protectively in front of Aladdin and the girls.

"... But age doesn't matter, does it? The most important point is whether they have the capability of facing the thieves or not," Sinbad replied calmly.  "Aladdin is a magi. Just as you see here, he wields power beyond imagination," he said, gesturing to Ugo. "Although he is still a child, his capability far surpasses that of a fully grown adult. I was fourteen when I captured my first dungeon. It was said that thousands had died in there. Since then, my experiences during those repeated voyages, adventures, and life-threatening battles have become my weapons in those years where survival wasn't guaranteed. What is needed is power. To stay alive when challenging unknown worlds, you need an ability that surpasses everyone else's!" Sinbad said determinedly, clenching his  fist. "He has that power. You should be able to see it too, right?"

"..." Ja'far still looked reluctant, but he didn't say another word against recruiting Aladdin.

"Oji-san said to get rid of the thieves... What should we do?" Aladdin asked the girls.

"I say 'yes'!" Faith replied immediately, looking super pumped about the idea of taking out another band of thieves.

"I say 'let's give this a little more thought,' shall we?" Hope deadpanned, sweat-dropping. "What about you, Morg-chan?"

"..." Morgiana looked down, deep in thought. "... Let's join them," she said after thinking it over for a while. "The ship to the Dark Continent was halted because of the Fog Troupe. Once the Fog troupe is taken down, the harbor will probably resume its activities."

"Mm. I think so, too," Hope agreed.

"!?" Faith and Aladdin said, looking surprise.

"Then, we're gonna do it?" Faith asked excitedly. Hope nodded.

"Because, according to our previous conversation, it seems like 'Sin' here is familiar with Balbadd's king. We're looking for someone, so could you ask the king to help us? If we manage to solve this problem, then perhaps we can also borrow the country's resources to aid us in our search?" she suggested, looking pointedly at Sinbad.

"Yes," Morgiana agreed. "I was thinking something along those lines as well..."

"Also, any information you can give us on dungeons and Djinns would be greatly appreciated," Hope added with a brilliant shit-eating grin.

"Oh~" Sinbad said, impressed by the girls' shrewdness. "Such clever girls. Morgiana is completely different from you, who resolves everything through brute force!" he said with a big grin, laughing as he slapped Masrur on the back.

"..." Masrur said, managing to look bored and fed up at the same time without twitching a muscle.

"Of course," Sinbad said, turning back to face the girls and Aladdin. "I will ask the king of Balbadd to send people to search the entire nation. Furthermore, I'll arrange a boat to the Dark Continent. How does that sound?" he asked with a smile.

"!!" they said, exchanging some very excited nods.

"Yeah!!" Aladdin agreed enthusiastically, grabbing Sinbad's outstretched hands. "We'll help with 'taking care of those thieves'!!"

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