His Name is Sinbad

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"Fuaaa~~~" Aladdin yawned as he stretched in bed, having just awoken. "Good morning, Hope, Faith, and Morg-san," he greeted the girls while he rubbed the sleep from his eyes when he noticed they were already awake and sitting on Morgiana's bed with her, chatting quietly so they wouldn't wake him.

"Morning!" the twins greeted him, while Morgiana nodded.

"Though it's already noon..." Morgiana pointed out.

"Fufufu, I was so excited last night, that I just passed out from exhaustion," Aladdin said with a grin, hugging one of the pillows.

"Yes..." Morgiana agreed with a nod. They all had.

"Yeah, it's been a while since I've slept so well~!" Hope said with a radiant smile as she rolled on the bed, feeling completely refreshed. She had managed to sleep the whole night through for once!

"Last night was  fun!" Faith said with a grin. Aladdin had brought Ugo out so he could enjoy the room for a bit too, and they ended up jumping on the beds and having a big pillow fight. "We should do that more often."

"It was a good that Morg-san and Ugo-kun didn't hit anything!" Aladdin said with a smile. "Now, ever since we became companions, Ugo-kun isn't nervous around Morg-san anymore!"

"Is that so...?" said Morgiana. "Um, by the way... about the conversation last night...?"

"Ah. About 'Wonder Man Alibaba'?" Aladdin said, remembering how the maid had told them that 'Alibaba' was famous as the leader of a band of thieves that was currently causing problems in Balbadd. "Thieves, huh... But I don't think Alibaba would do something like that. I'm sure it's a different person!"

"I agree..." said Morgiana.

"Yeah, he may be a penny-pinching money-grubber, but he's no thief," Faith agreed.

"Wow..." Hope said, sweat-dropping at her sisters description.

"But how will we find the real Alibaba?" Aladdin asked. "This is such a huge country..."

"We could try putting up some 'lost' posters?" Faith suggested.

"I think that would probably work a lot better if we at least had a picture of him..." Hope said, sweat-dropping. And it wasn't like they could just print a hundred flyers out in one go, like back home. "I wonder how much it would cost to have an add put in a newspaper..."

"Do they even have newspapers here?" Faith asked dubiously. Most of the places they'd been to so far didn't. A lot of stuff was still being written and copied by hand rather than typed and printed.

"Good point," Hope said with a sigh, resting her head on her hand. Someone really needed to invent the printing press here...

"You're stumped too, Morg-san?" Aladdin asked.

"Yes..." Morgiana answered regretfully with a nod.

"Man, it's all that band of thieves' fault that boats to the Dark Continent have stopped!" Faith complained, annoyed on her behalf. That morning, while Aladdin was still sleeping, the girls had gone around trying to find a boat for Morgiana, but there weren't any takers.

"..." Morgiana said, looking down. "What should we do...?"

"Don't worry, I'm sure Hope'll figure something out!" Faith said, trying to cheer her up.

'So it's all up to me...?' Hope thought as she sweat-dropped again, a little chagrined. "Some help would be nice, you know."

"Yeah... Since we promised the oji-san from yesterday to eat together, let's ask him then," Aladdin suggested.

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