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'Thank goodness... her fever's dropped...' Morgiana thought, feeling Nadja's temperature as the little girl hugged her. "I broke the handcuffs too, so everything's fine. Let's leave here as soon as we can."

'Well, that shouldn't be too difficult since she also broke the lock on the cage door...' Hope thought glibly, pushing it open.

"Uh, I hate to interrupt y'all's little Kodak moment over there... but you might wanna take a look at that!" Faith said urgently, sweat-dropping, as she pointed at the approaching new danger.

"!" Hope and Nadja started when then saw the pack of huge saber-toothed tiger-like creatures and the flock of large vultures that were being driven towards them.

"The 'Maurenian Saber-Tooth Tiger' and the 'Namideian Condor', both are imported from the Dark Continent. These carnivores possess deadly poisons... be careful! If their beaks or tusks even graze you, you'll die!" Fatima explained with a sadistic smirk.

"Hiii..." the thieves squealed, paling with fright, as they realized how easily those freed condors could turn on them. "Uwaaa!!" they cried, fleeing for their lives. First they get their asses kicked by some absurdly strong girls, and now this!? "It isn't a joke, run!!"

''Uwaaa!' is right...' the twins thought as beads of nervous sweat slid down the sides of their faces while they stared at the formidable line of poisonous predators. This was probably the scariest thing they had ever faced so far in this world.

"O-Onee-chan..." Nadja sobbed, trembling, as she looked up at Morgiana. Morgiana reached out and gently squeezed her hand.

"Everything's absolutely fine," she reassured the little girl with a confident smile before looking at the twins. "Watch her for me, please," she told them as she let go of Nadja's hand and sprang forth at the creatures stalking towards them.

"Ah, hey...!!" Hope shouted worriedly, about to follow, when Faith stopped her and shook her head with a smile.

"Don't worry, it's fine! I've fought that girl before, so I know. She's strong, stronger than anyone!" Faith said confidently. "She's totally got this in the bag!"

'That's right, it's fine,' Morgiana thought calmly as she fought. 'If you ask why... my legs are... my body is... more than anyone or anything... fast... sharp... and strong!' She was one of the champions of the Dark Continent. The strongest warriors, the 'Fanalis' Clan!

"!" Hope gasped in amazement as she watched Morgiana defeat one beast after another with her bare hands, delivering swift and lethal kicks. "She's amazing..." Not even the condors in the sky were safe from her powerful reach!

Fatima shuddered when Morgiana's sharp, red eyes met his, and he collapsed to his knees in shock.

"Hi...Hiii..." his fellow slave traders cried out in fear as she stalked towards them. Fatima gritted his teeth in anger and frustration as cold sweat dripped down the side of his face and neck. The other two slave traders turned tail and ran away to save their own skin, leaving him behind, as they scattered like the cockroaches they were. They didn't get far, though. In a matter of minutes, Faith was on them like white on rice, and she made sure to pay them back thoroughly for everything they had been put through over the past week, leaving Fatima to Morgiana. Hope sweat-dropped and covered Nadja's eyes to shield the little girl from having to witness any further violence, figuring she had been traumatized enough already for one day.

"... I give up," Fatima said reluctantly without apology. "From the view point of a slave dealer, to keep an injured slave is a mistake. No point in getting killed because of that..."

"..." Morgiana stared down at him with an extremely unimpressed look on her face.

"Don't kill me," he told her. "If you kill me, it would only show how much you hate me. Slave hunting has been carried out by many different ethnic groups. Those that fell to the lowest class sold their children, and a lot was covered up... Just like you, miserable slaves... they were profitable. That..."

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