Chapter 1

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My name is Alondra Smith and if you read this mornings newspaper, watch today's news, or even glimpsed of any social media you may come across of an unusual day I had last week, normally my life isn't newsworthy about my life but that all changed last Thursday. Of course everything is normal at first I perform my chores, I completed my class work, and I did my after school activities. In truth I spent my day as I spent every other day quietly polishing the routine of my life until it gleamed with perfection. That's why it was so surprising, when I decided to go to the schools bathroom and retrieve a revolver that had never been used, shortly after that I killed myself.

My body was found by my friend Martha Martinez she was posting flyers for next weeks prep rally, who heard a weird popping sound her curiosity caused Martha dropping in the schools bathroom.
Martha entered the bathroom quietly, discovering her friends dead body covered in blood on the schools bathroom, next to her is a gun. Martha screamed as loud as she could and dialed 911.
"Hello! it's my friend I think she's been shot! You need to send an ambulance right away!" Martha hangs up and she leaves the bathroom stalls to find an adult.

Later on, my body was being carried to the front of my school Rebecca High, home of the Woodpeckers. As my body it's on it's way to the ambulance, mostly the whole school is there some of them are in shocked on why I would kill myself, others are sad on how much happy I was before and didn't say anything, and others are mad because they aren't getting the attention they needed. But as my body is leaving the high school I can say that not all secrets are good to keep to yourself.

I was laid to rest on a Monday, people we're paying their respects by visiting me being buried in my cemetery. My parents were devastated when they found out the news, I was the only child and their little girl who got straight A's, but not everything is not what it seems.
After that everyone joined at my house where people brought food for these situations.

My closest friend Nyree Pineda brought salad, she's part of the cheer squad she's popular and she's very beautiful. Every boy wants to be with her and every girl wants to be her, she's the typical queen of the school sluts and is a total bitch, but she's my friend and she knows me too well.

My lab partner Ana Wilson brought apple pie, she's very book smart, doesn't have any friends but decent to talk to, she doesn't go out a lot, she's on the robotics team and everyone ignores her because she isn't valid enough, but I talked to her enough to let her know that she is valid.

My buddy Matty DLC brought Mac & cheese, he's very gay and flamboyant, has some decent friends but doesn't complain, he's in the drama arts, we were sorta closed in middle school but drifted apart towards the end of middle school and the beginning of high school, just like how every friendship ends, but we causally talked here and there.

His friend Yatzari  Cienega was my replacement, since I wasn't there for him when his parents kicked him out for being gay, he had welcomed open arms from Yatzari for his new place and new family to move in to.

Yatzari and Matthew walked into Alondra's house. It felt weird for them both, especially to Matthew who his used to be friend recently committed suicide.

"Gosh, it's so weird being back here.." Matty said while looking around the living room, filled with sad family members and friends.

"Why would she kill herself, she's very popular, pretty, had a loving boyfriend, and had good grades!" Matty said while looking a framed pictures of Alondra over the years, matty sighed looking down. Yatzari looked at him and patted his shoulder and said, "Well, some people are so unhappy that they think it's the only option."

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