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"Nikki how many times have I told you not to sick the wolves onto Space Kid?!" I yelled, rushing to him.

"He's got a helmet!" Nikki groaned. "He's


"But these ones don't!" She yelled at him.

"Come on kiddo..." I sighed, picking him up. "Let's go bandage you up-"

"Nurf put Harrison down!" I yelled. "Dolf... nice picture...?"

Dolf drew a bunch of people dead in a shower. Im not quite sure how to react to that at this point...

"Gooooood morning (Y/N)!" David chirped.

"Hi David." I sighed. "Could you go make sure nobody kills each other while I help Space Kid?"

"Sure thing!" He chuckled, skipping to the kids.

I walked to my cabin, and placed space kid onto the table. I rolled up his sleeve, and grabbed the alcohol, bandages, and sewing kit.

"This is going to hurt kiddo, but I'm going to need you to be brave. Because..."

"Astronauts are brave!" He said shakily.

"You've got this Space Cadet, just breath okay? Deep breath in-"

He yelled as I dabbed the wound with the alcohol, yelled louder as I stitched it up, and by the time I placed the bandages on, he was passed out on the table.

I sighed and grabbed my blanket, placing it on him. I walked out the cabin, finding David once again tied to the flag pole. The kids had broken off into factions, and were currently fighting with each other.

I sighed and walked over to David, untying him. "I left for like, five minutes!"

"I know! I was going to sing a song, and Max hit me with a rock!" David whined.

"Everyone stop!" I yelled. "As happy as I am that you're having fun, could we find something a bit less violent to do?"

"We could put on a play!" Preston suggested.

"We could go on a nature hunt!" Nikki yelled.

"We could code stuff!" Neil smiled.

"We could dump all of the Juice into the ga- showers!" Dolf said.

"Okay, okay... all good ideas..." I sighed. "We haven't put on a play in a while... what if we did that?"

Everybody groaned.

"Well I would give you free time but the last time I did that, Space kid nearly got killed, and a war broke out. So this is our only option."

"YES!" Preston yelled. "HAMILTON 2!"

"Go nuts." I smiled, turning back to David. "Are you okay? Should I go yell at Max?"

"No, no." He smiled falsely. "It's alright! He's just taking his anger out on me! It's better than one of the other kids..."

I sighed. "He shouldn't be treating you like that though..."

"It is the way it is." He shrugged.

"No, it's not okay. You need to stand up for yourself David!"

"I'm fine (Y/N)." He smiled. "Really I am."

"Okay..." I replied.


"Oh Hamilton." Max said in monotone. "Rise from the dead. Your son is mysteriously alive."

"I am alive!" Neil yelled over dramatically.

"Thank god." Max said. "Eliza could not live without you. And neither could Angelica."

"I need Advil..." Gwen sighed, walking to her cabin.

"As much as I love these kids..." I sighed, taking a seat.

I sat through Preston yelling at everyone, sat through the people poorly acting, and sat through people whining about doing this...

"Bravo!" David smiled, standing up and clapping.

I smiled and clapped, but only Max noticed that the smile didn't go to my eyes. I was completely done... like I love these kids... but... if I hear another goddamn impersonation of a valley girl Angelica, I'm going to jump into the volcano...

"Oh it's alright night?!" David whined. "I had so much planned for today!"

"Well ya shouldn't have allowed Max to tie you to a pole." I sighed. "Let's just get these kids-"

"CAMPFIRE STORY TIME!" David yelled with stars in his eyes.

"David are you okay? You legit have stars in your-"

"It's a medical condition!" He yelled happily, dragging me to the campfire. "Come on kids!"

The kids groaned, and all walked to the campfire. They began telling ghost stories, to which Max rolled his eyes at the end of them. Space Kid joined us maybe ten minutes into the stories, and I left.

I walked onto the dock, and sat down. I pulled my knees to my chest, and sighed. The moonlight in the water was beautiful, calming, and over all just wonderful. It randomly began douwnpouring, and I could hear some of the campers scream.

"(Y/N)? What are you doing over here?" Nikki asked.

"Yeah, you're usually with everyone..." Neil said.

"Who the fuck cares why she's here?" Max snapped.

"Us!" Neil and Nikki said at once.

"Are you on your lady sickness?" Nikki asked. "My mother gets that every month..."

"No Nikki." I smiled to myself. "You guys should head back, you'll get sick or something."

"Maybe she's depressed!" Neil said worriedly.

"Finally figure out nobody actually gives a shit about you?" Max asked.

"I've known that for a while Max." I sighed. "Guys, in serious. Go inside, I'm sure David-"

"I LOST THEM AGAIN!" David shrieked.

"David relax!" I yelled. "I've got them."

I heard his footsteps rush to us, and he stopped to notice me. He told the kids to go inside, which they left with some colorful choice words...

"You okay?" David asked. "Max giving you a hard time?"

"Nah, I can handle a kid." I said quietly. "Just reminiscing on when times were good..."

"They are good at Camp Campbell!" David smiled, placing his hand on my back. "Come on, the kids are worried about you..."

"They'll be fine-" I stopped, going through every possible thing that could happen "yeah okay..."

I followed David inside of the mess hall, and already the camp was being controlled by Dolf. I sighed.


Just great...

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