Henrietta x reader

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling!! This is a request from ShadowPirrupWayne2 The reader will be male and female~

~Your POV~

So today my best friend Henrietta WAS coming to my house today but she couldn't because her goth friends were having a meeting to kill the emos?? (A/n- I do NOT hate emos, fun fact I em emo, I just put it in because the goth kids in south park hate emos thankyou) So I was sitting on the couch watching Terrance and Phillip focusing on the screen going off into my dreamworld, thinking about how cute Henrietta is and how beautiful she is........yes I have a crush on my best friend DEAL WITH IT!

Anyway I was off in my dream world until I heard a knock on the door, my focus went to the door and I sigh loudly and get off the couch to the door, I open to see........Henrietta? "Hey I thought you cancelled?" I said blushing, "Yeah, I still em but I came by to give you something because I cancelled" she said with a light blushed across her cheeks while she handed my a pitch black balloon. 

"Thank you Henrietta I love it!!" I said hugging her, she hugged back and I blushed while letting her go. "Okay well I'll see you tomorrow (y/n)" she said will waiting into the darkness of the streets, "Ok bye" I said while closing the door. As I closed the door, my little sister came down stairs and saw the balloon, her eyes lit up "Ok, you can play with it but don't burst it" I said giving her the balloon.


I sat on the couch watching TV while playing on my phone, "POP!!" I heard, I rush to investigate, I saw my balloon popped into a million pieces on the ground but a curtain part of the balloon made me get closer, it was a sparkly sliver card with my name on it. I picked it up and turned it over 'Dear my dearest (Y/n), I've loved you from the day that I met you by I have one question for you....Will you go to prom with me?? I'll talk to you tomorrow for your answer from Henrietta' I blushed madly.

I can't for tomorrow it give my answer to my love.


I woke up feeling amazing, I got ready for an amazing day ahead, after approving of my outfit. I ran to the door and opened it as fast as I could....there stood a shocked Henrietta. "Hey Henrietta I was just coming to see you and YES I'LL GO TO PROM WITH YOU!!" I said hugging her, she hugged back "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I COULD KISS YOU!!" I said blushing, she chuckled and grabbed my chin focusing my lips onto hers. 

It was magical


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