Harry Warden Lemon

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(A/N: To all you My Bloody Valentine friends get ready!! This character for this lemon is picked by @SiyonWhite. Also this pic above is the hotel room you're staying with Harry so enjoy. Hope you all enjoy this chapter!)

Harry Warden have been dating you for the past few months. When you first met him on Valentines Day, you know that he spared your life instead of taking it with his pickaxe. He always protect you and you showed him love instead of hate. After the date which is a romantic picnic at night, he is now taking you to the hotel to have your special fun time with him. You got the key and take the elevator as you went inside. Harry held your hand as you smile softly as the elevator beeped at your floor as you went to the hotel room and whistle at the design. Harry begin to let you shower as you begin to take off your clothes and scrub yourself. Harry put some candles and dim down the lights and light each one and begin to take off his clothes and pose. As you got out of the shower, you put a towel around your waist and that's when you blush as you see Harry with only his boxers posing sexy on the bed.

"H-Harry.." You blushed

Harry removed his mask and showed you his face. He came over and kiss your lips as you kissed back slowly and that's when the kiss turns into a heated make out session. He went to the the neck and abuse the sweet spot with ease and remove the towel and grope your chest. You feel excited as he grind against your body as you moan softly. Harry picked you up and put you on the bed and spread your legs and gave you a pill. He slides into you slowly as you yelped with tears streaming as Harry whisper some loving things while thrusting slowly. You felt pleasure coming in very fast as you moan as he went faster and groan with lust, knowing how tight you are.

"Mmh Harry!" You moaned

Harry went harder as you moan even louder as the bed squeaks and shakes as the headboard bangs against the wall. You felt your G-spot being rammed like a pistol as you cry out with pleasure as you felt close to the end. You both then release as you cried out his name as he did the same thing. You both begin to pant as you blow out the candles and Harry pulled the covers and cuddle with you into a deep sleep.

Harry: Aww I like it

Freddy: *got two casts and groans* I wish I can see that!

SweetTooth: Want to have another broken bone?!

Pyramid Head: Yeah dude do you?!

Freddy: *stays Silent*

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