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You are in middle school in this one shot.
Also, there will be cussing.

Your POV:
"I'm going over to B/F/N's house! We're gonna go to the park!" I yelled to my mother as I grabbed my keys.

"Okay, be back before 10!" She yelled back.

B/F/N called me saying that we were gonna go to the park to hang out with some of our classmates.

I'm honestly not that excited because who likes to socialize when you can be at home binge-watching your favorite show?

The only reason why I'm going is so that I will be able to get out of the house. TOTALLY NOT BECAUSE OF C/N OR ANYTHING.

I walked over and noticed that she had a lot of food in her arms.

"Crap was I supposed to bring food?" I asked.

"No, I just really like food," she answered.

I can always count on my bestie for food. (If she feels like sharing).

We walked to the town park and met up with everyone else. I haven't seen C/N yet but I'm not even sure if he's coming. If he doesn't, I'm gonna really regret coming.

We all sat down at a table, set our stuff down and talked. (Most of us went on our phones.)

And sadly, the brats came, "Oh my God!! Did you hear! C/N is dating R/N. Like they are the most awesome couple in the world."

Brat #2: "Yeah"

Brat #3: "I can't believe R/N actually is only gonna break up with him after 1 week to get random guy jealous!"

WTF? C/N is getting played? I have to warn him.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and started texting him.

Me: C/N!! I have to tell you something!!!
C/N: Yeah?
Me: Break up with R/N NOW. She's using you!!

"Wow Y/N I can't believe you."

I yelped and turned around. C/N was facing me with a disgusted look.

"I can't believe it. Do you seriously think I would believe you? I'm not stupid. I know you've liked me this whole time but I never knew you would go this far," he looked at me.

"Wait, wha-?" I got cut off.

"Stop! Don't talk to me or go near me and R/N! Why can't you just be happy for me and accept that I don't like you!"

He turned around and walked away. I just stared at him in disbelief.

Students were gawking at us because of C/N's outbreak. The brats all just smirked at me, many people gave me sympathetic looks.

I can't believe C/N didn't believe me! Fine then! He's the one that's gonna get hurt in the end, not me.

But how did he find out I like him? I didn't tell anyone about my feelings towards him and I don't usually talk to him.

Well, whatever at least I have B/G/N and B/F/N.

I walked over to F/N and we started talking. He really got my mind off of C/N with his hilarious jokes. Of course, we are only friends though.

Soon everyone was leaving and apparently B/F/N left me all alone. I legit have the most awesome best friend in the world.

I started walking home and honestly, I was starting to get kind of scared since I've been watching too many creepy horror movies lately. It's dark and there are only a couple of street lamps, some barely even flickering. And to make it even worse, they are about the only light source since clouds were gracing the sky, covering the moon's light.

I took out my pocket knife, because who knows if there are gonna be rapists or killers?

I looked up as I felt raindrops falling on my face.

Oh just lovely.

I am just blessed as this day keeps getting better and better. (note the sarcasm)

"Why do everything and everyone hate me!" I yelled in frustration as I kicked a building's wall.

Then, immediately regretted the action because it hurt like hell.

"Owwwwwww. I am so stupid!"

I just kept walking. My hair has now gotten soaked and my clothes are sticking to my skin. The pattering of the rain against the concrete really seemed to be mocking me.


Oh isn't life just fucking great (don't give me that look, I can cuss when I want!) I look and feel like the ugliest person in the world, and to make matters worse, my so-called "crush" gets to see it.

"What?" I said a bit harshly.

I turned around slowly to face him, trying to keep my face down because I do not want him to see me like this.

I couldn't help but look up anyways after a few seconds though. I even failed at that. He also was soaked. But his eyes were red and puffy. Upon further inspection, I realized that he's trying to use the rain as a cover, a fruitless attempt. I've used this trick far too many times to be fooled.

I walked over to him and asked, "Why are you crying?"

He turned his face to the side, avoiding eye contact, "You- You were right, R/N used me. She broke up with me. I'm sorry for not believing you."

I rolled my eyes, "Serves you right. But really stop crying over her. She really is stupid so it's her loss, not yours," I turned around, "I have to go if you'll excuse me. Don't want to spend too much time around jerks."

He grabbed my hand and turned me to face him, "I'm sorry! I'm not crying because I lost R/N, it's because I lost you. I thought you would never return my feeling since you always hung out with guys, B/F/N is one of the only exceptions. I thought you just kept moving from one boy to the next. I guess I was wrong for thinking you would do the exact same to me. I'm sorry, I really want you back at least as a friend!"

I frowned, "First of all, WHY THE FUCK DO YOU PEOPLE THINK THAT HANGING OUT WITH THE OPPOSITE GENDER AUTOMATICALLY MAKES YOU LIKE THEM?! That is legit the stupidest idea ever but you know what? Whatever I just had to get that off my chest. Second, I like you too idiot, which you knew apparently. Don't be afraid to take chances when the outcome can be better," I quickly kissed him on the cheek and smiled at him, "and please don't judge a person until you actually know their character."

He turned so red while I was just there smirking. I don't turn red easily because I just don't for some reason. 

He grinned and finally looked me in the eyes, "Thanks for still liking me even though I'm a jerk. Piggy-back ride home?"

I gladly agreed and jumped on his back to answer his question.

As he started walking I whispered in his ear, "You look like a baby when you cry hehe."


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