Chapter Two

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No matter how I tried, I couldn't hide my amazement when I first saw the magnificent city of Rivendell in the distance. It has been a long time since I've seen its beautiful face. Much has changed.

Gandalf smiled at me when he saw my expression, and we continued onward through the large gates. Along the way, there were may guards staring at us with watchful eyes that peered from under their helmets. The sheer sight of them was enough to make any orc or goblin want to run away in fear.

We stopped our horses and dismounted on a large pavilion. An elf clad in dark, earthy robes approached us; I recognized him to be Lord Elrond. "Greetings, Gandalf," he said, opening his arms wide. 

"My old friend," Gandalf said in a cheery voice as he quickly gave a humble bow to the elven lord. Gandalf glanced towards me. "You remember Adolpha, correct?"

The elf looked at me and gave the slightest hint of a smile. "Of course. How could one forget the kind and loyal shapeshifter of the East?" he asked.

"Nae saian luume' Elrond," I replied giving a small bow. "You speak too kindly of me."

Gandalf asked chuckling to himself slightly. "Have the hobbits arrived yet?" he asked, and I noted worry in his tone.

"Yes, but the Ring Bearer, Frodo, was stabbed by the Lord of the Nazgûl. He is alive, but I fear what will come from the wound," Elrond replied.

"May I see his condition?"

Elrond nodded, then looked towards a beautiful serving maiden who was walking by on his left.

"Kymil? Would you please escort our guest to her room?" he asked and the elleth nodded. Elrond then turned back to me. "You must be exhausted from your long journey. Rest and heal. Ask, and we will provide," he said.

And with that, he and Gandalf began to walk off in the opposite direction. I turned to look at the elleth before me.

"Come with me, my lady," she said before she swiftly began to walk away. She had a lot longer legs than I did, so I was practically running to keep up with her.

"Here it is," Kymil said after what felt like a marathon of twisting corridors. "Ask for me if you are in need of anything."

"Thank you," I said slightly out of breath. I opened the door to the room and closed it behind me.

I walked over to the canopy bed and sat down, placing the meager belongings I brought with me beside me on the mattress.

"I might as well get some rest," I said to myself as I laid on my back. I didn't want to admit it, but I really wanted to fall asleep right there. It had been a long day of riding. Closing my eyes for a moment wouldn't hurt.

When I awoke, it was the middle of the night. I sat up, rubbing my eyes.

I stood up and walked over to the balcony to the left of the bed. I grabbed an apple out of a fruit bowl along the way and took a bite out of it.

The air was cooled from a gentle breeze that ran by me. The lights of the city shined upon the flowing water of Rivendell's waterfalls. I have seen most of Middle Earth, but the peace and beauty here in Rivendell are unlike anything I have ever seen in my entire life.

Movement in one of the gazebos caught my eye. I looked closer and saw that it was a person. An elf by the way he dressed. He was walking towards the larger building, but he stopped in his tracks.

The elf turned and looked at me, making me realize that I had been staring. I felt my face grow hot, and I took a step back from the balcony railing.

In the distance, I thought I saw the elf smile and give me a small bow before he continued on his way.

I quickly went back inside after that, wondering who that elf was. He had light hair, which was strange for an elf from Rivendell.

I shook my head. Enough of those silly thoughts. I laid back down on the bed, my eyes closing once more.

I awoke before the sun and walked through the elaborately designed halls of the elves. The path I took had no other people on it, so it was peaceful. Quiet moments like this were the ones I live for.

"I remember now that you like to wake up early," Gandalf said from behind me, making me jump slightly, "but I don't remember something as extreme as this." There was a mischevious twinkle in his eye as he said that.

"I'm afraid it's been a while since we've last seen each other," I replied. "This is rather late for me nowadays."

Gandalf chuckled slightly at that.

"How's the halfling?" I asked him.

"He's quite well, don't worry," the wizard said, the smile remaining on his face."However, I've come to tell you that Lord Elrond has decided to hold a council about the fate of the ring. I was hoping you would join us."

"Lead the way," I replied as Gandalf slowly lead me away.

Nae saian luume' : It has been too long

Fun Fact: Adolpha means noble she-wolf in German.

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