Ace's P.O.V. 29

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Warning! Short, and crappy chapter ahead.

"Dude, what did you do?" I look to my side and see Mason, a beer in his hand. We were sitting on our beach chairs in Mason's back yard the afternoon after Kade’s and I's 6 month anniversary.

"What do you mean 'what did I do?'" I ask drinking some of my beer. I look to the inside of the house and see Adriana and Kade talking and laughing. That alone makes me smile.

"How hard did you guys go last night?" I look at his serious face and laugh.

"You're an idiot. And his limping is proof enough. We had a great night Mason, like really great night.

"His moaning, the groaning, the scratching, hair pulls he gave me, Kade gets pretty violent in bed........and I love it. It makes me want to take him again right now."

"Spare me the details"

"Why should I?"

"Because I don't want to know how you hurt Petal"

"Me? I? What? I just said he scratched and pulled my hair and I hurt him? You're impossible when it comes to me and Kade."

"Yes, Petal is delicate, you are not" Delicate my fucking ass.

"What are you guys doing?" I hear from our side.

"Just talking. What were you guys doing in there?"

"Oh, that I need the day off next day because we're going out to buy something."



"What are you guys going to buy baby?" I ask Kade again pulling him onto my lap. He snuggles up to me groaning a little.

"A birthday present for Maze" he whispers into my ear kissing under it after.

"Petal, please, I was just defending you, don't go getting this one horny here." Kade laughs and hides his face in my neck embarrassed.

"Leave the boy alone, Mason" Adri says slapping Mason's chest.

"Where's Lucy?" I ask.

"She's napping. She was tired after playing with Kade in the pool. She also got a booboo and she cried and then fell asleep crying on Kade." Adri explains.

"Sounds like Lucy."

"Not to be a buzz kill, but have you spoken to your mom? Mason told me about everything that she did to you guys and I'm sorry about it. I can't believe she did that to you guys."

"I haven't talked to her. I don't want to talk to her. She tried to hurt Kade, that was enough to throw me over the edge, and she betrayed my trust. I want nothing to do with her or her do anything with the people I love and I know I can't decide for you guys, but I don't want her near you guys. You guys support me and she's capable of hurting you guys. Even if she doesn't I can't trust her with you guys." Kade doesn't say anything and doesn't move from beside me. He plays with the hair behind my neck and drinks from my beer.

"I'll support you, Ace. I owe you my loyalty, not her and because of her, you got hurt. A man that did hurt Kade, ended up dead, because of her. So, yeah, I am all for what you say."


"How do you feel about this Kade?" Adri asks a quiet Kade. He shrugs and doesn't say a thing.

"I-I have to go to the bathroom" he gets up and leaves before anyone can stop him.

"Do you want to?" Adri asks me.

"No, let him cool off."

"I'll be back" Mason says leaving.

"How does he do that?"

"I don't know. They get along so damn well it's so weird. Kade talks to him first then me."

"Yeah, I think it's cute. It's like they've been best friends forever and they depend on each other for everything."

"Yeah. So, are you and Mason planning on another Lucy?"

"Yes, kind of have a present for him"

"No" I say turning to her. She nods smiling big.

"How long?"

"2 weeks only and I want to surprise him. I hope it's a boy. I don't know if he's ready or wants another kid, at least right now"

"It's Mason, that'll be his best present"


"Can we go?" I turn around and look at Kade.

"Yeah, if you want. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just tired."

"Okay. Thanks for having us over. I'll see you tomorrow at work, okay?" I tell Mason. I walk over to Adri and hug her tight.

"Take care of my new godchild" I whisper making her laugh.

"I will."

"Bye, Kade" She says hugging Kade.

"Remember what I said Petal"

"You sure you okay baby?" I ask Kade as we walk to the car my arm around his shoulder.

"Yes, besides soreness, I'm just tired." We get into our car and drive home. Arriving Kade doesn't wait for me and goes into our room already headed into the bed falling asleep minutes later leaving me alone, awake.

Mason making Kade innocent is cute! What did you think? Let me know. Fun fact, this story was actually supposed to have no more than 15 chapter; short story category and it's 29 chapters in. Anyways, what do you think is wrong with Kade? What did you think about Adri being pregnant? 

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