Teen! firkle x reader

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling!! Ok guys this is a request from ShadowPirrupWayne2 thanx for the request, this story contain LIGHT ABUSE, I'm sorry if this triggers you!!~

~Your POV~

Firkle and I have a love hate relationship, we fought a lot in our relationship and the fighting usually ended with me crying......we had a big fight...one day and it hurt me bad.....


"HOW DARE YOU (Y/N)!!! HOW DARE YOU KISS IKE BEHIND MY BACK!!!" Firkle yelled at me, "Firkle i'm sorry but Ike kissed me, he forced me too.....It's not my fault" I protested, "YOU STILL LET HIM!!" He yelled back, "I'm sorry" I whimpered as tears fell from my eyes, "NO SORRIES  YOU STILL DID IT" He said before slapping me across the face making me cry even more, I put my hand to the area...it stung badly.

He looked at me wide eyed, he looked at his red hand even back at me. I slowly stood up and walked towards the door of OUR house, "Firkle...I'm going to stay at Henrietta house for awhile...please don't visit me...I'll see you later" I said before walking out...."Please (y/n) i'm so sorry, it's just a little fight please come back inside and we can sort this out" He said, with tears in his eyes. 

"I'm sorry, but......I just need some time....to think........" I said walking away, then I felt two arms go around my waist and a head being placed on my shoulder. My shoulder felt damp from tears. "P-P-please (y/n) im so s-sorry, I-i slapped you......im so sorry.......P-p-please don't leave" He said while cry, my face was red and i smiled. I turned around and hugged back he put his hand in my hair

"(Y/n) please don't go." he said still crying into my shoulder, "I promise I wont go." I said rubbing his back, he looked up at me and I stared at his face trying not to laugh, lets just say his eyeliner and mascara was everywhere. "I love you so much" he said hugging me again, "I love you too, just don't slap me again" I said laughing, "I promise" he said before kissing me, I kissed back making fireworks go off.

He lifted me up, making my arms and leg tangle around him, he smiled into the kiss and ran into the house, up into the bedroom.


And this is where we are, Firkle and I, hair everywhere, blankets and pillows spread around the room, we are just in our underwear, our bodies tangle with each other with we play twister on the floor. We were laughing, and messing around while I put my hand on the green dot. I slipped and fell on top of Firkle, we laughed "I love you (Y/n)" he said, "Aww I love you too" I said kissing him on the lips full of passion.

~Sorry if it sucked....~

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