Greeting Death as an old friend [Shanks x Reader]

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Your captain flirting with you was no news, even less when he was drunk, but that day something seemed different. He had been acting strangely around you since last night when, after he confessed his love for you for the hundredth time, you had told him that the feeling was mutual.

You expected him to be surprised, even glad that you finally loved him back, or maybe something else, but what you never expected was for him to kick you out of the ship. Actually, he technically didn't kick you out, because he never told you to leave. They just left without you.

You had gone out to buy some things you would need for the long travel. He had told you that you would meet back at the inn where you all would be staying, and so you did. But he wasn't there, nor was the ship at shore.

Confused, you kept looking for the ship around the island.

'Maybe they had hid it from the marines.'

How innocent.

'They'll come back when they see I'm gone. Right?'


And they never came back. Even though you waited, and waited... and waited. And so you were stuck in that island for God knows how long. Just waiting for your captain to come back. Because he loved you, or so had he said.

'You'll come back, right, Shanks?'

But he did not. And, oh, were you angry at him.

And, although you were expecting someone to come pick you up, you would have never imagined that it would be the person that knocked on your door months later.

"Portgas D. Ace, to what do I owe the pleasure?"

The freckled boy flashed you a sided smile before lifting his hat with his index finger.

"Nice to see you too, (Y/N)."

You led him to the living room of your small and old house.

It had been the only one you could afford with the money you had earned from working here and there. Fortunately for you, there wasn't a poster with your face and a reward. Not because you didn't deserve it, but because you had made sure the marines never saw your face.

"I wasn't expecting you of all the people I know to come and pay me a visit." You commented as you plopped down on your old armchair. Ace sat down on the couch in front of you.

"Well, I didn't exactly come to visit... I came to make you an offer." He replied, selecting the words correctly.

'Ahh, who would come to visit you, stupid girl...'

"An offer?" You raised and eyebrow as you tilted your head and rested it lazily on your left hand.

"So, getting straight to the point, I guess." He smirked. "Whitebeard wants you to join our crew."

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