Chapter 21

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"Well now I know he was blaggin me 'ead when he told me he was just looking out for you because youre a sweet American girl. He's a real beaut this boy of mine. But i cant say I blame him either; Zee knew better than to introduce me to you before now; I'd have left him for you in a heartbeat." She blushed and giggled at the words of Kay, an eccentric and beautiful girl with a raspy northern accent and all the personality in the world. She was a bit confused by the slang she used, and the girl from Liverpool picked up on it with a sly smile. "I went proper scouse on you there didn't I? No worries I suppose, it's not a foreign language like, but I reckon you get enough broken English out of this one, with his 'innits' and 'ya get me's' every other faaackin word."

"You like it."

Zayn replied lamely, placing a nonchalant kiss on her lips that sent color to her cheeks and made her smile a small but happy smile. She looked a bit dazed as her eyes lingered on Zayn before slowly wandering back to Robyn.

"I suppose in all honesty I wouldn't leave my auld man for anybody, but you're a proper fittie, no doubt."

"Well thank you."

"No need for thanks, Love, tis truth. Now tell me all about this working for Vogue."

"I'm just an intern."

"I won't have you slagging off on yourself like that. I bet you run the place."

Robyn smirked at the girl, a bit taken aback at her obvious offense at the words she'd spoken. She shrugged and continued.

"Not really."

"Then you will then. Soon. And then you'll get your auntie Kay a job doing hair and makeup - Ang on mo! Have you worked with Vivienne Westwood?"

Robyn grinned at the girl and took in her expression which had gone from playful to serious in seconds. She shook her head no just as the band finished their song and Alex's speaking voice rang out through the speakers. Kay's eyes widened even more as she listened to him speak."Is he a Northerner too?"

"I actually have no idea where he's from..."

Kay watched, her eyes narrowing in approval as Alex stepped off stage and made his way over to their table. His arms slid around Robyn's body from behind and he kissed her neck as she looked down at the floor and tried desperately to hide the blush and grin that crossed her face. The eyes of every woman, single and otherwise, who had come to see the monkeys play and who had eyes for Alex now lingered in disdain and disappointment on the couple. Robyn hardly noticed at all as he let go of her, and turned her around, and kissed her right in the middle of the bar, right in front of everyone. She forgot for a moment that she had people to introduce him to, Zayn, Kay and of course Mike Edwards, and that she had his guitar to return to him. She reluctantly pushed him away and smiled up at him.

"All that because I came out to see you?"

"Yeah, imagine how I'd be if you'd actually been here on time." She stuck her tongue out at him and he grinned. Her spine tingled as his hand pressed into the small of her back but she ignored the sensation and gestured to her friends. "Introduce me to these gorgeous people."

"Don't tell me what to do." She glared

at him, his fingers dug into her waist and she immediately relaxed and did as she was told. "These are my friends Zayn and Kay, they live in our neighborhood and they're crazy in love."

"Then I need to get you away from them quick as I can dont I?" she rolled her eyes as he turned to Kay and Zayn. "Nice to meet you."

"Hell yeah it is," Kay grabbed his arm as he reached across the table and looked at the tattoo there. "Sheffield. Of fucking course you're from Sheffield, just like Def Leppard and practically every other English band worth mentioning...besides the Beatles of course."

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