Tris POV:

I walk out of my Black new Dezir. Walking out of my car, I ran into my Summer School partner, Christina.

"Hey ,Christy!"

"Hey ,Trissy!"

"Can I come over to your house today? Parents are outta town, but my big brother there. He's a nerd."

"Sure, some friends will come over too. My friends; Shauna, Zeke, Marlene, Will, Christina, Lynn, and Four."

"What does Four stand for?" She shrugs.

"Maybe you should ask him."

She points to a boy next to locker 401. He has blue eyes and brown hair. Next to him is I believe his friend. His friend Says something, and Four looks behind him and stares into my eyes. He looks familiar.

Real Familiar...

"He looks.... handsome." I respond after my dazed stare at him.

"mmhhh" Christina looks at me like I am a bug under a Microscope. Her left hand on her chin, like she has a scratchy old beard.

"What?" I ask at her insulted a bit.

"what? Just noting your lovesick stare" I glare at her

"Not so Chrissy" I angrily respond

"Yes so!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Damn Christina, lets just get to 1st period!"

The Bell Rings. Christina looks worried, like she was given dire news.

"Run ,Tris!


"You'll see why! Just start to run!"

I hear something like a stameped. I see people going to there lockers and then walkin everywhere.

"You're right, RUN!!!!" I scream.

Christina Grasp my hand, I follow her though the "bulls" and slip down a corridor. Suddenly, I feel someone push me. I can't feel her hand anymore. then I slip and fell. Someone caught me by the waist. 



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