Hailey:"Guess we have more work cut out for ourselves then we thought"She mumbled making me peck her lips and cup her face.

Y/n:"We got this babe...just trust me"I said making her sigh and nod hugging me.

Hailey:"I know...I just really need one of your hugs right now"She said making me wrap my arms around her waist and hide my face in neck neck taking in her sweet scent while she wrapped hers around my neck and hid her face in mines. We stayed like that for a few more minutes till she pulled away and smiled"I feel better now"She said making me chuckle and peck her lips.

Y/n:"Me too...new perfume?"I asked making her blush and nod.

Hailey:"Yeah, Kenny bought it for me"She mumbled making me nod and smile.

Y/n:"I like it..."I said walking out the house hearing a small laugh making me smile since its the first one I've heard in this last week.

I was busy helping the movers bring in the boxes while Hailey started packing some things away. After we moved the last of the boxes in I paid the movers and walked in the house closing the door hearing Hailey groan.

Hailey:"Urg! I can't find anything"She said frustrated making me put my keys down and walk towards her.

Y/n:"Hails"I said trying to take the things from her making her shake her head.

Hailey:"I got it"She said taking it and walking past me. I sighed and followed her taking it from her hands and turning around and facing her. She looked exhausted and having to do shoots and then come and help was weighing on her and I knew it.

Y/n:"Babe...listen to me please"I said making her sigh"When was the last time you got some actual rest?"I asked making her rub her temples and shrug.

Hailey:"I'm not sure"She said making me sigh. I cupped her face and took in her features.

Y/n:"Go get some rest-"

Hailey:"I'm fine"She said making me shake my head at her stubbornness.

Y/n:"If you love me you'll listen to me"I said making her keep quite and listen"Go upstairs to our room and get some rest...I'll sort out whatever I can and we can do the rest when you are fully relaxed okay?"I said making her groan but nod.

Hailey:"But I wanna cuddle"She said like a child making me chuckle a little.

Y/n:"I do to but we both know nothing will get done once I get in bed"I said making her groan and pout. I chuckled and kiss her pout"Go upstairs and get some sleep and as soon as I'm some I'll come and join you"I said making her nod and go upstairs. Once I heard the door close I turned around and looked at the boxes sighing. I pulled out my phone and called the one person who could help me. Payton.

Payton:"Sup Y/l/n"She said on the other side making me chuckle a little and sigh.

Y/n:"Nothing much you?"I asked.

Payton:"Uh I'm doing pretty good"She said making me nod even though she could see me.

Y/n:"Uh I was wondering if you could do me a favour?"I said making her hum"Could you come over and help me pack some stuff. Hails moved in with me and there's a lot of things to pack and she's stressed out so I feel bad to make her come and pack it...so I was wondering of you could help your best friend out?"I asked praying to god that she'll say yes.

Payton:"Sure thing! Be there in ten"She said hanging up making me thank the gods and cut the call. I put some music on and turned it down a little so it won't disturb Hailey and started unpacking a few boxes. I heard the doorbell making me run to the door and open it.

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