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One week later....

We came back from Bora Bora and as expected we were all packed with work and appearances that we didn't even get to see each other in this week. While the others were busy with work and traveling Hailey and I were busy packing up her stuff so she could move in with me. We wanted to get another house but we agreed on mine since it was literally brand new and huge.

The packing process was tiring but fun at the same time since Hailey got to share some embarrassing stories with me about her memories here with her family and friends. To be completely honest I was nervous  and excited for Hailey to move in with me. The nerves because I've never really lived with someone who I've been in a relationship with.

Hailey:"Babe I'm pretty sure we packed the last of everything up"She said as I carried the last box to the front door since the movers were packing everything in the truck.

Y/n:"Okay let me do a quick sweep and double check and then we can go"I said making her nod. I did a quick check of the rooms etc and made sure we didn't leave anything and sighed walking downstairs. I could see Hailey was a little sad making me wrap my arms around her and kiss her neck"You don't have to move in with me if you don't wanna Hails... I'll understand"I mumbled making her turn around and peck my lips.

Hailey:"Babe I want nothing more then to move in with you...I'm just a little upset cause there's a lot of memories this house"She said making me lean forward and kiss her lips.

Y/n:"I know babe...."I mumbled making her hum and hug me. I rested my head on top of hers and kissed her forehead making her smile.

Hailey:"Can I have ice cream?"She asked making me chuckle and nod kissing her nose.

Y/n:"Once they get everything in my place we can go out and get some Ice cream"I said making her smile and peck my lips.

Hailey:"Okay"She said intertwining our hands and walking out of her old house. We looked back at the house that held most her memories and also some of ours that were both good and bad.

Y/n:"We shared a lot at this house"I mumbled making her nod.

Hailey:"Yeah...We did"She said making me sigh.

Y/n:"I'll wait in the car....take as much time as you want"I mumbled kissing her cheek. I walked to my car and got in sighing looking at the amount of emails I had. I busy answering some emails when I heard the passenger door open and close making me look up and see Hailey"You okay?"I asked making her nod and peck my lips.

Hailey:"Yeah"She said smiling a little making me smile back and start the car. We were driving to my place with the moving truck not to far behind when I heard her phone going off like mad"God!"She groaned looking at her phone making me frown a little.

Y/n:"Whats up babe?"I asked looking over at her and then the road.

Hailey:"Work is just insane right now! I have like a million photoshoots coming up and its just so stressful"She said making me frown a little. I kissed our intertwined hands and looked over at her.

Y/n:"I know, it'll be okay..I promise"I said making her sigh and nod. She was busy answering a few emails while I drove over to my house thinking of how I could de-stress her. We arrived at my place and sighed once we walked in.

My house honestly looked like a mess since we tried to move as many of Hailey's boxes by car to mines so we could pack up the small things. So far the kitchen stiff was packed up but as for the was a total mess.

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