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Mehendi, also known as Henna tattoo is must for brides. This is not sarcasm, I'm just informing about how our culture is. And the Mehendi looks like this for the bride:

 And the Mehendi looks like this for the bride:

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Beautiful, isn't it?

In my culture, Mehendi on hand is made up to the middle of forearm and Mehendi on foot is only till the ankle. Well, that's about my culture so lets move on to the main topic..

In many cases, there is hidden name of the groom on anywhere on the Mehendi and the groom has to find it on the night of... you know.

I think this is one of the fun part of getting marrying.

Now lets come back to serial talking.

Do you remember in few chapters earlier, I told you about how brides gets exchanged? If the bridal exchange is about to happen, Mehendi can be one of the element that will tell you about your future.

CASE 1 :

          If the soon-to-be-bride is villain, the Mehendi will either get ruined and she wont get chance to put the protagonist guy's name with the Mehendi or while putting Mehendi, when Mehendi artist (?) asks her about her groom's name, she will be in such situation, that she will shout out someone else's name which is not so common for villains.

CASE 2 :

          If the soon-to-be-bride is protagonist and about to marry villain guy, (which never succeeds), in this case, most of the time it happens that she will somehow end up shouting out protagonist's name and get his name or the initial letter on her hand.

And this is because it is impossible to write your soon-to-be-groom's name with Henna tattoo if you're not gonna end up with him. So much sense, huh?

What the fuck is wrong with you!?

I can just bring a Mehendi, write "Varun Dhawan" (I'm not a fan, this is just for reference) and no supernatural power can stop me. But doesn't mean that that will let me marry him. Gosh, why cant they understand life doesn't go on because of some errors in Mehendi!?

And also, why cant they understand there is something called "divorce" if they will marry with wrong person!? Like, no serial has a story where any non-related people will marry each other.

Wait, that didn't make much sense. Let me rephrase that part.

So, there is no such serial where protagonist will marry anyone else other than the other protagonist even if they are about to marry. Even if they are middle of marriage, the marriage will stop at the last *Fera and the marriage never becomes successful.

*Fera is one of the rituals that is must in Hindu marriage. It includes bride and groom walking around fire for 7 rounds.

So you now have a little idea about Fera, in serials, when they have just completed 6th Fera and about to go for another, something happens and they stop.

And what bothers me is that every serial has 7 Fera. I know it is a ritual and tradition, but in our tradition, only 3 Fera is done. Just like that, I suppose in different tradition, there must be slight changes in marriage style in other parts of India but then, ALL of them have same rituals and traditions.

Well, lets just say that's okay.

What bothers me the MOST is that they don't get married if they are not meant to be!


You can get married, even if you are not meant to be together and actually live your whole life with it, you know that, right, serial makers? And if you cant really tolerate, there is this thing called "divorce" which allow you to break the so called marriage vows.

But oh who am I kidding? They are Indian serial makers after all.

Marriage is like a fixed thing between two people whose relation is already fixed from heaven. And Mehendi plays great role for indicating about whom you are going to really marry and that the person you are about to marry whose name on Mehendi is the one and only true love even if you hate the person currently.

So don't take Mehendi lightly, if you accidentally write something wrong with Mehendi, it indicates something...

And that is...



Well, I hope you enjoyed reading it.

Hope to get some ideas for this book. Please message me if you have any good idea to upload in this book! It could be anything related with stupid stuff on serials. It could even be from a specific scene from an episode or anything, just suggest me please!

Until we meet next time :)

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