Chapter Thirteen: Malicious Mermaids

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"the battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every man."
-aleksandr solzhenitsyn


I awaken due to a loud crash outside.  Looking through the window in my bedroom, I realize that it is still nighttime, as the sky remains to be an inky black.  I turn to my alarm clock, and find that it is one o'clock in the morning.  "Adrian, did you hear that?" I ask him, referring to the crash, but when I look over to the bed, he isn't there.

That's when it hits me: There must be some evil threat outside, and he went out to banish it.

The blood from my face drops due to the realization, and after putting on a jacket and shoes, I run downstairs and head outside.

As I had expected (and also dreaded), there is some sort of threat outside, because I spot Adrian casting spells to attack it. I run over to Adrian, and after seeing what is occurring, my body stiffens in fear (and slight confusion).

Because in my pool...there are three mermaids.

I couldn't make up this shit if I tried.  The three mermaids are summoning dark magic, which Adrian is counterattacking with spells of his own. 

"Adrian, what in the world is happening!?" I scream, pulling him closer to me so that he notices I'm here.

"They're Leviathates," he hollers back, barely audible over the cacophony created by the jousting spells.  "It's a mix between a mermaid and a vampire, and they've come from Eravale.  They can teleport between different bodies of water, and your pool is one they had access to."

I knew I should've had the pool closed earlier...

"How can we banish them?" I holler.

"Look, Hypaeria, you need to go back inside, they could kill you!" he replies.

"But I want to help y—"


I feel somewhat hurt by his last remark, but I know he is trying to protect me. But the thought that I'm having other people risk their lives so that mine won't be lost truly frustrates me.

I start to head back inside, but before I walk even three steps, I hear an explosion and an agonizing scream.

I look back immediately, only to see Adrian on the ground, with a huge cut on his side. It looks as though the Leviathates' magic ripped his shirt and slashed his skin, blood seeping out.

"Adrian!" I scream, and then run over to him, even though the Leviathates are sending fatal curses my way.

I crouch down next to him, and pull him up. He's dazed, for sure, but he can still stand up and (quite messily) walk.

"'re a beautiful...triceratops..." he says, completely out of it. Whatever curse they cast on him must've made him delusional, because last time I checked, I was definitely not a triceratops.

We walk back inside, but in order to move him efficiently, I have to put my arm on his shoulder and vaguely drag him inside. We stumble thousands of times, and after what feels like an eternity, we finally make it inside.

January is inside with an expression of pure fear. "What happened?!" she says, her voice shaky.

"It's a trio of Leviathates," I say. "They're in the pool, and they attacked Adrian."

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