Chapter 40

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---------------NALA'S P.O.V------------

A male voice is heard from outside the room. It starts very faint, but escalates to impatient muttering. I open my eyes as the door swings open, Drew standing in the frame of it. His eyes are blood shot as enters the room, a gun in his left hand.

"Get up." He yells as pulls my arm.

I stand without a word as he point the cold metal weapon at my chest.

"We're going on a trip." He whispers in my ear, the gun digging deeper into my chest.

I remain quiet.

"I know you miss your little boyfriend. So imma let you see him one last time before... Well, you'll see."


"What are you gonna do to him?" Tears start forming as he tightly grabs my wrist.

"Now now, no talking." He says, his grip tightening.

He walks me outside of the room, a scream escaping my mouth as light hits my eyes. Drew lets go of my wrist and hands me a cup.

"Drink it."

I wipe my burning eyes.

"Just kill me." I finally look at him, tears sliding down my cheeks.

"I said drink it!" He yells as grabs my wrist again.

I take the cup in my shaking hand and slowly drink whatever the liquid is. Suddenly, the cup slide from my hands and I loose consciousness of everything else.


I wake up to see Drew smiling. We are in a car, him in the drivers seat and me laying in the back. The car spins as I try to sit up, but fail. It is at this moment, that I feel something holding me back. I move my hands and realize I am handcuffed.

"Oh look. You're awake!" Drew's smile widens.

I try to again sit up, but fall back as a shock of pain goes through my head.

"Don't bother. We won't be here long." He strokes my cheek as I try to yell, but no sound escapes my lips. "I'll be back." And with that said, he leaves me in the back of the car.

--------------BRUNO'S P.O.V-----------

It's funny how quickly things happen. It's funny how you can spend your whole life addicted to the feeling of something and suddenly realize it wasn't worth it. I don't really know what's worse, realizing what you did, or actually doing it. Right now, realizing seems worse.

My mind keeps going back to the day when I met Nala. Damn she was gorgeous. Beat up, but gorgeous. She looked so miserable. Her body was a work of art, much like her paintings. Multiple colors were in her skin, blue, purple, red. So tragic but so precious. The painter was a complete psycho, but so am I.

Neither Phillip or me speak as we sit in the back of the powerful car. A tube is once again connected to my nose as oxygen flows in and my arms are tightly handcuffed. Phillip stares out the window as the sirens sound and the people stare.

There is still many things in my mind, things that I have not spoken of, and right now, it seems like the best time to say them.

"He took both of them away." My voice is a whisper.

"They'll find Nala Bruno."

"And what about Anabeth? I never got to say goodbye to her. It took me years to deal with her death, in fact, I still feel the same burn I did the night of her death.

I thought I could move on from the pain but now it's two times stronger. Now I have the burn of Nala being alone or even worse!"


The cop looks back at us, his eyes scanning my face. I turn away and breathe in, silence returning.

"He took both of them away."

"Nala isn't dead!"

"How do you know!"

Phillip tries to speak but just turns away and looks out his window.

---------------NALA'S P.O.V------------

I bang my head against the window once more, blood dripping down. The driver seat is still empty and my vision is blurry. My naked body shivers as more blood drips down my forehead.

Let me out.

Hurting myself was something I never thought I would do, but right now it's the only thing that can numb the rest of the pain away.

The door opens and Drew sits in the drivers seat, a smile perfectly planted in his face.

"Bloody hell Nala, you were having fun without me." He wipes the blood from my forehead and smiles. "That won't happen again."

"Where are you..."

"We're going to give your criminal boyfriend a last visit. I just had to make sure it was the right time."

My heart beats faster than I ever imagined. My forehead is still dripping.

"Nala, I know this is bad timing and all, but I really think we should talk." Drew is now driving at speeds only known to race car drivers.

"I don't want... Anything with you..."

He laughs.

"I'll start. You know Anabeth right?"

My heart stops. Anabeth.

"I'll take that as a yes. Well, she and I knew each other for years, we even had an affair."


"She was gorgeous. Truly a piece of art. We went out for years, even when she was with Peter. Of course, he had no idea. I loved her. But one day, she ignored my phone calls. She didn't text me back. So I thought, I should have a talk with her."

My surroundings slowly disappear.

"I went over to her and Peter's house, and there she was, outside. I went up to her and tried to talk, but she said we were over."

His smile disappears.

"She wanted nothing to do with me anymore. She was in love with Peter. She was always in love with him. Ever since she first saw him in school, she was in love with him."

"You lived in Hawaii?"

He smile appears again.

"Shocking right?"

The air seems to disappear completely. Drew was worse than I thought.

"You never said anything."

"Why would I? Anyway, I decided that if I couldn't have Anabeth, no one could. So, I pulled out my gun and shot her right through the head. Boom went her pretty little face."

No. No

"It's funny how after all these years, nobody found out it was me. I can still see her blood splattered all over my hands. And the best part was that Peter couldn't even do anything. Poor little Peter.

But no worries, he might have a chance to redo the scene and maybe, just maybe, he'll save the girl this time."

The car stops and out the window is Bruno and Phillip, both handcuffed and both escorted by cops who slowly drag them to hell. Meanwhile I sit in the back of the car, and wait to die.

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