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Mission: B.D. Case – Covert – description of mission given upon request; Meister and weapon will be informed of mission details by Lord Death personally after application is submitted, required qualifications reviewed, and the students are accepted for said mission.

The mission details, such as the description of where to go and who to hunt, and the important instructions on how a meister should operate during said mission...why should she ever bother to attain such information?

For Eevee, it was always same. Every mission she had received from the academy called for covert operations. Ranging from top listed assassination missions, bounty headhunting, to the low listed mission of being an underground boss-man's shadow. They all shared the need for Eevee being on stealth mode for weeks or months at a time. The B.D case was no different, boarding all three styles of missions she was given by Lord Death without her request.

Eevee had been trailing behind a cloaked figure for about a month and a half now, and today that cloaked figure had decided to roam the empty dark alleys of a large city, bringing her closer to civilization than she had been during the past weeks. Lights blared from every single window of the building she had stopped next to, and despite the absolute silence it offered, there was a certain aura surrounding it that made Eevee believe something big was going on inside it or there was about to be.

Silence was either the result of a tragedy or a warning of a tragedy to come.

Whatever the reason behind the silence, it had nothing to do with Eevee. The cloaked figure had simply used this path to lose anyone who might be following them, the lights from the building causing larger shadows to fall over the neighboring houses while at the same time calling attention upon itself. The action had been repeated several times since Eevee had started tailing them, and, surprising enough, in had nothing to do with her presence judging from several occasions the figure had headed in her direction.

"Can you feel that?" Eevee asked in a whispered, edging closer to the building. Weapon drawn, twin blades held in each of her palms, Eevee stood several feet beneath a large window that provided enough light for her to see into the abandon alley and throwing shadows over her own body.

'I don't feel anythin'.' Curran, a double-crossed sword and Eevee's weapon of choice, whispered back annoyed. 'I can't sense souls and you know that, why rub it in?'

"I thought you might have learned."

'In the last five minutes!'

Curran was met with a long silence from his meister, Eevee's full attention now on the lit window. Her eyes glued to the glass as if expecting something to crash out from it, or maybe into it. Curran didn't expect her to answer, she usually didn't, but the five syllabled, whispered response irked him: "I thought you were special."

'...I think we have different definitions of the word special, Eevee.'

Curran was used to Eevee's verbal jabs, she often resorted to them when bored and needed to stimulate her mind in some way. It also served as an indicator that the mission was placed on hold for the time being, in this case it was due to them losing sight of the cloaked figure. Although their target might still be around the area, it didn't seem prudent to Eevee for Curran and her to lurk around a curious and overly bright building.

'Somethin' special in there or what?'

"I'm not entirely sure." She studied the window, waiting to catch a glimpse of something. "I'm hoping that whatever is in there, if there really is something special in there, that it will stay out of sight and out of our way."

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