Chapter 7

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It's been a two weeks since he killed that man. I haven't left my room during that time. My appetite was small every day so I barely ate. Ever since what happened I haven't seen William or anyone else except the maid Rosita. She was from Yucatán, Mexico. From what she has told me her master 'bought' her to free her from some ravage cartel members.

Rosita came to the U.S to be a loyal worker for him, in debt with him, she became a maid and gladly serves a shit of a master. Well according to her he's very nice and respectful, I snorted at the part. Of course she would stay stuff like that about him, Rosita was young and beautiful and that is enough to get in between her legs. That's probably the only reason why she's happy here and enjoys being here.

I've also met another maid, one also loyal to his royal highness. She was different, she was nice and shy. Her name was Será, she barely spoke because she wasn't allowed  to speak to me. Neither was Rosita but I guess she thought she was superior to every other maid. Sera made me feel as if I wasn't alone anymore. She kept me company, although I really only saw her when she brought my food. My mind knew not to trust anyone though.

As the days passed by I grew more and more fond of Serà. Rosita was nice at times but she still had that attitude that I knew was going to get me in trouble one of these days.

During two months I didn't see him. I'm guessing he's at some business trip or something, but who knows. I felt free all this time. Ive let myself loose, just a bit. The girls were going to cook and they invited me to come down to help them. My sweater sleeves were pulled up as I washed the carrots and potatoes. Rosita was so enthusiastic while telling a story about a guy.

"He treated me like I queen, yea at times I miss him but hey I prefer being the mistress." She always brought him up. It's like she was obsessed with the guy. William is going to hurt her. If she knows or not is her problem.

"Oh but Rosita,  he mistreats you and doesn't pay attention to you most of the times. Why continue with something that will never happen?" Serà said. By now I already had cut the carrots and on to the potatoes now.

"I wasn't  raised as a quitter y'know. I will get what I want no matter what I have to do." She gritted through her teeth. Well I guess Serà hit a soft spot.


The kitchen was a mess, our laughters filled the air and for that moment I almost forgot everything. My parents, the kidnap, the murder and William. I knew it was there but my pride won't ever let myself admit it. Sure I was still afraid of him but that feeling was still there. Even if its buried deep inside my heart I feel it. I won't let it out though.

Rosita cracked an egg on my head, followed by Serà doing the same thing to Rosita. After we finished putting all the ingredients in the pot we started cleaning up, then decided we wanted chocolate cake. I accidentally splattered some of the mix to Rosita which messed up her hair so she messed up mine. We've been like this for at least 30 minutes.

Serà was going to throw an egg at me but I ducked. Then she gasped. I turned around and the egg had hit someone else. William.

He looked so different. He let some stubble grow and looked awfully tired.

He was mad, I swear I could see the  smoke coming out his nose.

"I am so sorry master, I was aiming it to Montse, but I didn't know she was going to duck, and I didn't see you there, I mean you weren't even there at first but then you just appeared and its my fault and I'm so sorry,"She rambled on and on.

"Clean this mess up after that bring up two bowls of the caldo to my room." Phew, I thought he was going to go off but surprisingly he didn't. It still looked like he was mad.

He grabbed me by my forearm and started taking me upstairs. We got to his room and he pushed me in.

Then, he kissed me. Forcefully. Passionately. Rough.

I felt how plump and warm his lips were. I was kissing back. Why? I don't know.

His tongue was all up in my mouth. Like girl that b.tch was just everywhere. God help me. Why was I going with this ?

I pushed him away and quickly walked out the room. My face was flushed bright red. I speed walked to my room and passed Será.

I've completely lost my god d*mn mind.

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