The Game Is On

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Sherlock's POV:

"Kyna." I called from the stairs. "Come help me with the case."

"I thought I was grounded?" She crossed her arms and raised an eyebrow. I grinned.

"I'm giving you a license of freedom for 24 hours. Now hurry up."

She beamed. "Coming!"

Her steps pattered as she clambered down the stairs and into my lab. I had gone to the liberty of installing it as a part of 221c.

"Let's start with the note." I pulled it out of my pocket and read it again, even going to the extent of inhaling and touching it to my tongue.

"So he used a fake name." Kyna deduced, ignoring my abnormal behavior. "I stole this from his apartment." She held up a notebook. His sketch pad!

"Brilliant." I crowed, snatching it from her. We rifled through it.

"Here." She said, pulling out a piece of paper folded in quarters. "He nearly went rabid when I tried to look at this a while back." I opened it with careful hands.

At first, it was unrecognizable.

"It's me." Kyna gasped. She turned it around and pointed at a certain detail- her pretty little hands, clutching a book; the Secret Garden.

"I was holding that when we first met." She explained.

"Why did he draw this?" I mumbled. I flipped the paper over and found writing on the back.

Kyna Jocelyn Holmes.



High IQ and brain capacity.

Please contact soon.


"That's Peter." I concluded.

Beneath that, in slightly neater handwriting, were five words and a signature.

Keep in contact with suspect.


Kyna gasped. "That's the signature Moriarty used to message me."

"Peter's in cohorts with Moriarty." I growled.

"And he's been supplying our case!" She exclaimed.

"Everything's been false information!" I hissed.

"That bastard!" Kyna bit, her teeth grinding together. "He's such a hypocrite. This entire time... I should've known."

"His involvement doesn't cure anything." I pointed out.

"What about the note?" She asked.

I ransacked my mind palace. "There was a story in the news." I shuffled through my mental files to find the story. "2 days 10 deaths. A house fire destroyed all the evidence, but Mycroft mentioned a government experiment. Something about a drug..." I smacked my forehead.

"What is it?" Kyna asked.

"I stole some files from Mycroft's office. It was supposed to be secret." I shot up from my seat and dashed over to my filing cabinet, which was overflowing and a considerable mess. "He even went as far as deleting it from electronic files as well."

"That's why I wasn't able to find anything." Kyna nodded. She looked through the file I had just thrown on the desk.

"A drug?" She turned to me.

"It was a human enhancer." I called, rummaging through the piles for more information. "But something went wrong. It didn't work... It says that the team of scientist working with it were all fired."

"Who created it?"

"Aha!" I pulled out a rumpled stack of papers, smoothing them over my knee. "The enhancer was causing side-effects. There was a riot. The entire science lab was burnt to the ground and pulled off as a house fire." I read, flipping through a packet.

"Dad, who created the enhancer?"

"Let me just see..." I flipped to a different page, reading its contents and suddenly my blood froze in my veins.


"Kyna..." I trailed. Silently I handed the papers to her. She read through them, her features poised and clear of all emotion.

"The creator of the human enhancer, Philip White, was removed because of his failure on an experiment that was beneficial towards the health of mankind." She read, her voice cracking as she spoke his name.

Suddenly something clicked in my head. My eyes widened and I turned to my daughter.

"What?" Kyna's forehead creased when she noticed me.

"He's been careless." I said gleefully. "He left out something important."

Suddenly I picked Kyna up and hugged her, twirling her around.

"Dad!" She exclaimed. The papers fluttered from her hands, forgotten.

"Perfectly brilliant!" I kissed her forehead. "Get your coat. I'll find Molly and John."

"Have you solved it?" She asked.

"Haven't you?" I bragged.

"I'm nearly there." Her eyes were wild. Her cheeks were rosy with excitement. She quickly ran up the steps and returned a moment later with her coat.

"Mary and John have made up." She informed me.

"Marvelous." I was distracted. So at first, I didn't hear the doorbell rang.





"Kyna," I finally called. "Fetch the door." In her excitement, she dropped her coat and dashed to the entrance.

I heard her say. "You-" There was a muffled pounding sound and suddenly the hallway was echoing with her screams.

I couldn't run fast enough. I could hear John one floor up, pounding down the stairs as well. Molly cried out something I didn't understand.

"Dad!" Kyna screamed. And suddenly everything was eerily silent. My feet skidded on the carpet and I ran into John, Mary, and Molly, all of whom were white faced.

"Kyna!" My voice broke as I shouted. I ran out onto the street, watching a shiny black car screech down the road.

"Kyna!" John yelled, coming up behind me.

But she was gone. The front door was wide open, and the smeared blood streaked across the doorknob was no consolation.

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