Room 1006(7)

214 10 2

nsa Hallway plang ako ng sinalubong ako ng Secretary ko

'Madam emergency Meeting with The Executives'

'ha? bkit daw?'
nervous kong tanung

'ma'am u need to attend na daw knina pa sila Naghihintay'
nagmadali kming naglakad

'all about what?'

'ma'am narinig q po Executive Turn over as the head of The Legacy corporation'

I shouted

she nodded

'Im doing my job well! what the fuck is with them?!'
pmasok ako sa conference room

'Goodmorning lea' gomez

'goodmorning what's with the emergency Meeting'
sbay upo ko sa sit q

'Lea we all decided to have a turn over'

I shouted

'Kasi we all know na paano na ang Company wla kpang pagmamanahan nito we all know that u own lot's of companies properties and many more but im your position Hey Look your 33 already lea and we needed her a son or daughter who will get this company'

'so? your pointing out here is! to bare me a child ganun ba? to get married now for the sake of this corporation?!'
they nodded

'and if not?'
tanung q

'we'll forcefully turn over your position and Mr. Arevelos will be the new CEO'

'This can't be.. Im doing my Job well! this isn't connected with my Personal life'

Bgla pumasok si Mommy

'i heard the conversation no one's gonna have turn over hear as the head of this Corporation My daughter's not gonna turn over her position because she's engaged and she'll be married soon'
ngulat aq sa sabi ni mommy

'The gossips are true. he'll be marrying Bamboo Manalac Donya M's grandson'

I walk out of the conference room

sumunod si Mommy

'mah wla nba choice?'

'lea eto na ang mtgal kong snasabi sau anak eh.. wla ng choice u have to marry bamboo or anyone'

'ok Fine! I Love my job'
she smiled

'and with the Apo Thingy anak. Faster ha..'
lumabas na sha

mommy Tlga!

'madam My Bisita ka Po' lyn


'si Donya M. po'

'papasukin mo'

'hello apo'

'Hi Po lola :-)'
nag beso with hug kmi

'what brought u here po?'

'well want ko lang ibigay Sau To here lasagna and strawberry cake, cherry cake'
sbay lgy ng bodyguard nya sa table ko

'oh my Favorites Thank U Lola'

'ofcorz apo sige na alis na ako ha'

'Thanks again lola take care'
umalis na sha


'yes madam?'

',kindly get me a plate and spoon fork'
dnala nya nmn want ko
I start eating my foods

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