The Heroes of the Elemental Academies Book one: Chapter 1 Crash course

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       Hi it's me SirSukena Now I plan to get this story actually published it is the novel that I hope to publish and sell so I thought I would put part of it on here to test the waters to see what everyone thinks of it so please send me some feedback it is important that I improve the story line any way I can. As always please enjoy reading my books because I enjoy making them

Chapter 1

          Bwaaan! Bwaaan! Bwaaan! Seth's eye's snapped open as he woke to the insistent and very annoying cry of his alarm. Seth propped himself up on his pillow to look at the time. It was 5:39 in the morning and the buses came at 6:00 which meant the worst had come to pass it was time to get up. Seth sat all the way up and swung his feet out of his small one-person bed. He raised his arms above his head and yawned wanting to do nothing more than to go back to sleep, but he knew that was impossible he had school in less than thirty minutes and if he knew one thing it was you only have one chance to make a first impression. Seth felt his feet touch the cold hard wood floor and he shivered involuntarily. His brown hair fell down in front of his eyes as he stood up. He brushed his hair back out of his face and surveyed his room. The room was small no bigger than the size of a SUV with barely enough room for the bed, a low oak dresser and his night stand. The closet at the back of the room was just as Spartan with only two metal rods hanging horizontally inside, one on top of the other.

         In one corner of the room several boxes were stacked unopened. Those were his things that he still had to unpack. They had just moved to the little town of Derby Kansas which no one has probably ever heard of. Seth and his mother Katie did that a lot. They never seemed to stay in one place for more than a year. Seth's earliest memories were of him and his mother living in Florida, which frankly sounded way better than living Kansas but that's how it was. They'd only arrived at their new home three days before and his mother had gotten a job at a local clinic as a nurse. Seth's mother claimed that that was the reason they had moved; not the fact that Seth had almost blown up his last school where they had lived in Denver Colorado, but Seth knew all too well that it had been his fault. He was only fourteen years old and had already been to more than eleven different schools. Of course there wasn't anything wrong with his grades and he certainly didn't try to start trouble, trouble just always found him.

           Every school he had attended something had gone wrong and some accident had occurred and then a few weeks later they moved. Seth had no idea why but it was beginning to feel like he and his mother were running from something. Seth shook his head to clear his thoughts he had to get focused. Seth got dressed quickly in blue jeans and a green long sleeved shirt. He then slipped on his blue tennis shoes, did his hygiene, then he headed for the door that lead directly out into the living room. Before he left he took one last look around his room for anything he might be missing. Then he grabbed his book bag and black hoodie and left the room. Seth ate a small breakfast of just some Cheerio's. His mother had left a note saying that she had already left and wouldn't be back until late.

            Apparently she had to stay there the whole day since it was her first day. In her note she told Seth to be good at school and that if he needed anything to call from the school phone. This was because of his lack of owning a cell phone. Now some might think that it is lame but Seth's mother had always been very adamant about him never owning a cell phone till he was old enough. And whenever he would ask, she would always reply.

          "You can own a phone when you're sixteen and can pay for it yourself." So Seth had always gone without a phone. It wasn't as bad as you'd think for one Seth never had to deal with any drama and he didn't get in trouble in school for having it out when he wasn't supposed to. Whenever he needed to make a call he would just use the school phone or use one of his friends though he had made few of those over the years. Turns out good friends are hard to come by anymore. Seth waited by the door for the bus to come wandering how his first day at school was going to go. He was also hoping he didn't screw everything up again.

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