«Chapter 6»

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{She Is His}


How? How did I get myself into this mess in the first place? I can't answer the question I so desperately yearn the answer for. I don't even know when this all started, and it only confuses me even more with Mrs Buggings insane words replaying again and again in my head.

"We have done sins Darya, sins you are unaware of."

What is she talking about? What sins? Mr and Mrs Buggings never hurt a fly. The people of Stonecreek village are kind and hard workers. So I don't understand how they can have sins when they have done nothing wrong. The only sin they have is working too hard.

"This is all out of pain and anger."

Pain and anger? Did she hurt someone? No, she couldn't have. She's too kind hearted to do that. The whole village is. Aren't they?

"When you think about it, we all deserve this."

Deserve what? What could they possibly do to deserve such a horrible fate? They never did anything wrong! All they do is live their lives and hunt down wild animals.

"For all the wrong we've done to them."

The wrong, meaning, sins? Did my village commit mores sins than they did do right? All this time I hear them talking on their hunting trips was Alphas and wolves. Did the wolves recognized them?

"What we did to him."

Who is him? What did my village do to him to have their fates sealed at the fangs of wolves?

I feel left in darkness. I feel like I didn't know my village anymore, even in their last breathes. I feel like I'm pushed into a different world.

But my thoughts go blank. Blank when I notice the red specks are gone from the rocky ledge, and reappear at my feet.

A startled gasp breaks my throat and I flinch back from them. I take quick glances towards the wolf, but never into his eyes, afraid that I'll be trapped under it's control and leave myself vulnerable.

The autumn leaves are crunching under his paws. The damp soil etching with his steps. The silent wind makes itself present through his dark fur.

A whimper breaks my voice and I begin to crawl away. My feet keeping stumbling over each other, but yet the black wolf still towers over me. Staggering away the wolves around us are making way as I'm being followed by the black wolf with every step I make. I can hear the low humming noise of the growls he's making, continuing to send fear down my spine.

The thought of his fangs tearing at my flesh and ripping my soul from my body makes me act. I turn and run. I run and don't look back. I can't run as fast as I usually do when every step makes the searing pain worsen in my leg. I swallow hard and slow to a fast limp, trying my best to keep running.

But I can't muster the strength and energy to run faster as a dominate growl rips through the air, follow by the sickening sound of bones snapping and relining themselves.

The sound sends chills up my spine and makes my heart jump into my throat. The sound forces my throbbing legs to move and run again. The sound sickens me to a point where I want to empty my stomach.

Running pass a tree I keep on stumbling over my feet, throbbing at the seemingly harsh ground. But what I don't realize is that there was no point. No point at running. No point at even trying.

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