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Inquisitive and thoughtful,

She was the challenge he'd been waiting for;

A reminder that creativity runs deep like secrets,

Dark eyed dreamers; they were a dangerous pair.

Alex looked up at Elizabeth and met her eyes. He could see the sadness behind them, as it was their last day together before Alex left. The docters had said to keep the visits to her Dad to a minumium, so it was her sisters turn to visit him today. She felt like she was just on the edge of the mountain, waiting to fall. They headed downstairs and into the kitchen, holding hands almost without thinking. These mundane activities like making breakfast and getting dressed, for once felt like the beginning of an awesome day, rather than waking-up-boring-routines. Staring at him across the table, she realised how unbelievably handsome he was, with and without clothes. She began to blush, an annoying tendancy of hers.

"What are you getting red about, my love?" Alex questioned softly. She just giggled, finishing the last of her cereal.

"So, I was thinking we could go somewhere today.." Alex told her.

"Where were you thinking?" Elizabeth asked, taking their bowls and spoons to the sink and washing them slowly. She felt his arms wrap around her waist and his lips brushed her neck. Don't blush Lizz, don't start blushing again, she told herself.

"How about the Rosemary Hill?" Alex asked. She knew the place. It was where every couple went at one point and was popular with the neighbourhood families.

"Yeah, okay." She smiled and reached up to kiss him, twisting her fingers into his hair. As their kiss deepened, she forgot about the time, place and mostly everything around her.

"Or we could just stay here?" Alex muttered, lips still pressed to hers.

"No Alex." She laughed and broke away. They both grabbed their guitar cases and headed on the short walk to Rosemary Hill. Neither said anything, but the silence wasn't awkward, just peaceful. As they neared the bottom of the hill, Alex picked her up without warning and slung her onto his back. Elizabeth squealed, wrapping her arms around his neck. He kissed the palm of her hand gently before starting the walk up the steep hill.

"Don't you dare drop me." Elizabeth warned.

"I wouldn't dream of it baby." Alex reassured, before fake-tipping her over the side.

"ALEX!" Elizabeth smiled, trying to act stern but failing. "I'm gonna kick your tushy."

"I'm so scared." Alex mocked and she slapped him lightly over the head.

By the time they reached the top, through all his bravodo, Alex was clearly exhausted, panting like a dog. Elizabeth tugged him over to the edge of the hill and they sank to the ground. The sky arched above us, the miserable England grey weather.

"We haven't really picked the best day to come." Elizabeth muttered.

"Any day with you is beautiful." Alex smiled and they both pulled their guitars from their cases. Alex began to strum the melody to Dear Maria, Count Me In, murmuring the lyrics to himself. Elizabeth melted at his amazing voice, feeling just an un-important fan again, listening to her favourite band member. But then he turned round and dazzled her with his smile and she felt loved again. They brought ice creams from the van, even on a horrible day like this and sat on the edge, feet hanging over the side. Just as Elizabeth was beginning to feel super content, Alex reached and pushed the whole icecream into her nose. She coughed and spluttered, the freezing ice dripping from her nose.

"You bas**rd!" She shouted.

"Now, now. Watch your language, Elizabeth." Alex managed to splutter out between his laughter.

She wrestled Alex's ice cream from his grip and grabbed what was left of hers before dumping it all in his hair, smearing it everywhere. Alex stopped laughing pretty quickly.

"Tell me you did not just put that in my HAIR." Alex yelled. "F**k, f**k. I only washed it today! Now I'm gonna have to re-straighten it."

It was Elizabeth's turn to laugh. Her boyfriend sounded like the biggest girl on the planet, beside Justin Bieber. After Alex had been reassured enough that YES he still looked beautiful and YES he could use her shower and use of his straighteners before he left, he eventually calmed down and settled down beside her again.

"Do you love me, Lizz?" Alex asked, out of the blue.

"Do you really need to ask?" Elizabeth questioned. When Alex just nodded, she sighed and continued. "Alex, I love you more than the whole world. I love waking up to see your face and it being the last thing I see before I sleep. Your in my head constantly, whether you are away from me and right beside me. So yeah. I would also like to have your babies, but let's keep that on the down-low."

Elizabeth giggled at Alex's stunned face and he reached down and tickled her, making her convulse with laughter.

"Do you love me, Alex?" She asked.

Just then, she realised the tiny spots of rain had began raining down and she was pretty soaked. She lost all sense of thought when she was with Alex.  They pulled their hoods up and clambered down the slope, hands clasped and still chuckling. They raced away from the pounding rain, only stopping when they reached the alleyway they had met. They both stared at each other, and Alex caressed her cheek, wiping away the droplets that were dripping down her face. She pressed her back against the wall and he whispered with rain-soaked lips:

"You mean everything to me. I love you."

Then he reached down and embraced her. It was her and him, against the world.

I hope you enjoyed it guys, thank you so much for reading! Elizabeth, Annabelle, Molly, Shannon and Zoe, you guys are too awesome as usual!<3

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