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Kidnapped at sixteen

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It started out a normal school day. Nothing seemed to be out of place, not even that gray Honda with it's tinted windows that's been following me around for the past six months. I got up early to clean around the house, I know daddy always clean during the day but his an old man now and it helps him a lot.

I did the normal routine. Clean, run, shower and then get ready for school. in front of my mirror I always get dreamy as I comb my beautiful blond hair. Will my crush Jason Donald notice me today? Even just a smile at me? I sure hope so. My blue eyes sparkle as I dream of the first kiss with Jason. It will be so romantic walking down the isle with him.

I faintly hear my father's voice from the kitchen calling me down for breakfast. He's a really great cook and anyone that's got brains will never miss a meal if they can help it. "Be right down, daddy!"  I make quick work of my half dry hair and with a quick hand motion I grab my bag so I don't have to come back up the stairs again.

"Morning daddy, smells good in here today." I give him a quick peck on the cheek before opening the fridge to get us some juice to drink with the yummy breakfast.

" Same old food as yesterday, how was your nights rest?"

" Really good, even had a nice dream."

" Dreaming is good for you young people, what was it about?"

" Oh just a certain boy, nothing too interesting."

" Hm mm, as long as this certain boy knows that his still got to get past me."

" Oh daddy it's just a dream, and besides you'll like him a lot."

" I hope so, other wise I'm going to have to  give him the 499."

Laughing at my father, I got up and washed my plate before giving him a hug and kiss on the cheek. " I know daddy, I love you but I got to go other wise I'm gonna end up in the headmaster's office today."

" Bey my darling, let me know if your not coming straight home after school."

Grabbing my bag, I make my way to the door while giving my dad a quick " sure will, daddy."

Since I'm a little bit late this morning I decide to take the short cut that I only took once before. I'm in such a hurry that I don't realize that the gray Honda is on my tail again. Suddenly my bags one strap breaks off. " Damn it!" I stop to check out the damage on the bag, while I'm leaning forward to make a quick plan a dark shadow closes in from the back. I notice it and try to turn around to see who it is, but I'm too late.

He grabs a strong hold on me and pushes a smelly piece of material over my mouth and nose. With in minutes I pass out and when I wake up I get the fright of my life.

My hands are tied up behind my back, threre's rope around my feet and something around my mouth is stopping me from screaming.  As soon as I realize that I'm in the trunk of a moving car, I get overwhelmed with fear.

I feel like I can't breath, my heart pounds in my throat and questions runs through my brain. Why is this happening? Who is doing this to me? Will I ever see my father again?

It's dark in the trunk and I can't see anything, but I can feel that there is other thing in here as well so I start trying to feel around.

The first thing my fingers touch is soft and warm, it feels like a blanket. I pull the blanket down and try to feel what's behind it. It's also soft and warm and... and... it's a body! There's another body in here with me!

For a few minutes I just lay there, to afraid to feel further. From inside the trunk I can hear the cars passing by. I can faintly hear music playing and now I'm starting to wonder where the kidnapper is taking us. I don't even know if the person laying next to me is alive as she doesn't move.

I must have drifted off to sleep because I wake up to a rough pull out of the trunk. For a moment I struggle to find my feet, and I am barely able to stand with the rope so tight around my ankles. Since my eyes aren't closed I try to take in the scene around me.

The other body in the trunk is a naked girl, round about my age. She's still alive and also tied up. She's got long blond hair just like me and her eyes, though swollen I can see is brown. The man that's holding her looks like a bodybuilder. He's wearing all black, he's hair is short and brown and his eyes are a cold brown colour. He doesn't look very friendly.

The only other person there is, are the man that's holding me. I can't see hie's face but he's hands is as rough as sandpaper and he's voice, cold and demanding. " Come, we tie these to beauties to the chair's in boss's office, he'll be very glad to see this.

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