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Pen Your Pride

(a/n) if your reading this then THANK YOU! I am new to wattpad and have read a few stories, this is my first written one so any feedback you could give me would be really appreciated :)

I guess I should start at the beginning, though it seems like decades ago (though I only have 1 and a bit to my name) . My names Kat, I'm 16 and I live in Seattle. So here goes...

"NO! Crap!" I glared at the little blue line and my world fell apart. "One time! God damn it! One fucking time! I'm going to kill Tom!" I screamed at the unfairness of it all. On prom I had finally given my virginity to my then 6 month boyfriend Tom, and now I looked at my stomach, glared at the consequences of my own actions. I hate my life!

"So I'm guessing a congratulations is not in order ...?" my best friend Amilia shouted through the bathroom door. I shot a dirty look in her general direction. She was the one who got me to take the damned test in the first place.

"I. Will. Murder. Him." I hissed through my teeth. Just then there was a knock on my bedroom door.

"Kat? Kat! You in there or what?" Tom. Great. Just perfect. Did I mention I hate my life? Grasping the test firmly in my hand I unlocked the door to a wide eyed Amelia. Typical. No matter the impact this thing has on my life she just sees shopping for cute little clothes. Ick. I stormed to the door and threw it open, it smashed against the wall next to me. If looks could kill there would be nothing down for Tom.

"I. Hate. You." I snarled at him.

"Kat? Whats wrong?" he opened his baby blue eyes in horror. Baby blue. Baby. Ick.

I narrowed my eyes until they were mere slits "what's wrong?!" I screeched, my voice clearing 4 octaves easily. I held up the test. His mouth formed a perfect O. I stiffled a giggle and then remembered that he had wrecked my life. I composed myself and shoved him into the wall behind him, my forearm against his throat "what's wrong? What's wrong?!"

"Kat! Please! Calm down! Your scaring me!"

"Scare? I'll kill you if you don't tell me how this could of happened in the next 30 seconds." I screeched, leaning more against his neck.

"You weren't always this melodramatic. Is this a pregnancy thing?" he looked over my shoulder to Amelia, questioning her!

"15 seconds you bastard!" leaning even more.

"so look, Kat, I kinda didn't put a hat on it like I said I did, I thought it would be fine I mean what are the odds, right?" he laughed weakly until I cut him of with a death glare.

"you WHAT?!?!"

A/N again, thanks if you bothered to read this, any suggestions to improve? What will Kat's mum say? I'll try and upload in the next week but in have some major exams coming up so if I don't post don't be mad at me :)

Love mollie xxxxx

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